Is Riding Your Bike Just as Good as Therapy?

So I sit here thinking, do I get more out of bike riding than I do seeing my therapist?

Anyhow, when I do see my therapist, I feel that I get alot of things worked out and even feel good about myself after the session. Heck I’ve even made progress in my own life due to therapy. However, I can’t help but think of all those times that I felt the most stressed or burdened by life and how getting on my bicycle help alleviate that pain.


Maybe its the fresh air, or the endorphins, but I usually come back from my ride, happier, calm and over all at peace. During my rides, I like to think. I think about life, my job, my goals and I even pray.

But I am curious to know what people think, could riding a bike be just as good as seeing your therapist?

happy rider

* If you currently see a therapist or psychologist or take meds for stuff, keep doing what you’re doing. This was more of my thoughts, not dictating what you should do. *

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