50 Hours in Bed

I’m back, in case you missed me. I’ve just been a bit sick lately. I went into the hospital on Wednesday and got out late Friday evening. The good news is, I’m OK. I went in for chest pains – very severe pressure directly under my sternum. They’re 95% sure it wasn’t a heart attack. I’m pretty sure it was somehow related to the severe chest cold I’ve had for a week prior to this, but they don’t think so. All they could tell me so far is what it is not. It’s not pneumonia, gall stones, gas, acid reflux, or congestive heart failure. I don’t  have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, or any other chronic condition. When the pain began, I was doing nothing, and had done nothing all day, in fact I stayed home from work due to the chest cold and was just resting.
The only thing I do have that puts me at high risk for cardiac disease is two parents that suffered from heart disease relatively young, and the fact I’ve carried so much weight around for so long. (The latter of which I’ve been correcting successfully for the last 16 months)
I’ll be off the bike and taking it easy for at least another week until I have some outpatient testing done next week… stress test and probably a heart cath. Since the pain lasted 7 hours and the last 2-3 were almost unbearable, I’m very anxious to know what it was. As soon as it’s safe though, I’ll mount up again.
I thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes…
Of course, you know I took a few snapshots,  CLICK HERE  for the pictures.
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