Early Morning Ride

Moe riding the Fez
I’m just a cycling nut, plain and simple. I love to commute by bike, love to ride my road bike, and love to go Mountain Biking. What does Mountain Biking have to do with Commuting? More than you think!

For every MTB mile you ride, is like riding 3 miles on the road. Ride your mountain bike often = getting in shape quicker = get to work faster when you are running late. Mountain biking requires hill climbing on dirt paths that can be rocky, rutted and narrow. That nasty-full of potholes- 2 narrow lane uphill on your way to work will be a piece of cake. Conversely, when you descend on that rocky, rutted, narrow downhill, coming down a steep paved road is a walk on the park. Another Mountain biking skill that is of a great asset is quick thinking along with quick reflexes. When you commute on a crowded avenue you have to react to car doors, pedestrians, careless drivers and careless bike riders.

So for those people that have never given MTB a chance, don’t knock it until you try it. It will help your commute and road skills as well.

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