A New Blog for the New Year

I’ve decided to liven things up at Wandertec.com with a new Blog. I’ll be renumerating on all of the events that are spinning through the Wandering World.

What is going on anyway? I just got a call from Outside Magazine. They are doing a piece on the CELLO for the Spring touring section. Always very much appreciative of the press activities especially with such a big time outfit as Outside.

We are busy with preperations for the CELLOS debut in Europe at the Cycle Vacations Show in Amsterdam. We will be displaying at the Bike4Travel booth www.bike4travel.nl. For more info… http://www.fietsvakantiebeurs.nl/ This should be a great opportunity to see what they think of the CELLO on the other side of the pond. I get the feeling that they will be really into it as the passion for bikes in Holland is immense.

New ideas for products are spinning through my head and will be working on them in the comng year. Some of the highlights are a fabric trailer liner for BOB trailers, A version of the CELLO that works independently of the the BOB trailer, and an LED light that mounts onto a BOB trailer fender.

Happy Wandering In the New Year!!!

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