Yepp Maxi Easyfit – Closeout (discontinued)

The Yepp Maxi Easyfit (a.k.a. the Xtracycle Peapod III) turns your Xtracycle into a vehicle for family cycling. Transport younger children (20 – 49 lbs), as well groceries and other cargo.

This product has been discontinued.


The Yepp Maxi Easyfit (also known as the Xtracycle Peapod III) turns your Xtracycle into a truly versatile vehicle for family cycling. With a Maxi Easyfit, the Xtracycle is now capable of transporting younger children (20 – 49lbs), groceries or other cargo on the side bags, and even a second older child, who can ride on the flight deck along with the Mini MagicCarpet. It is even possible to carry two young children by mounting two Maxi Easyfits onto your Xtracycle.

The Xtracycle Maxi Easyfit is constructed from impact resistant plastic that is lead and phthalate free. The Maxi Easyfit’s safety and comfort comes from the adjustable five-point harness, removable/washable seatpads, adjustable footrests, and the cushioned crossbar, which all work together harmoniously to create a safe, comfortable vehicle for you and your little ones.

The Maxi Easyfit requires the Xtracycle FlightDeck Two along with the RackLocks which are all sold separately. (When using the Maxi Easyfit with the Kona Ute, the UteDeck substitutes for the FlightDeck + RackLocks. This is not the same deck that comes standard on the Kona Ute. Please contact us if you would like to special order the Maxi Easyfit III compatible UteDeck.)

*Please note the older FlightDeck will still require the Maxi Easyfit Adapter.

The Yepp Maxi Standard Bike Child Seat is a seat just like this, but for a standard (non-longtail, non-Xtracycle) bike. Fits 95% of American bikes.

  • Available Colors: Black, Orange, Green or Blue
  • Nylon harness system
  • Padded chest straps and seat cover
  • Adjustable foot stirrups
  • Comfort grip lap handle
  • Recommended weight limit 20-49 lbs
  • Item weight 10 lbs (including all accessories)
  • Made with Lead and Phthalate-free plastic
    • GMG guarantees that this product has been manufactured according to the latest European safety standards and quality requirements for this product and that this product at the time of purchasing has no defect in workmanship and material. During production various quality checks have been performed. In case, despite all our efforts, during our guarantee period of 24 months, this product shows a material and/or manufacturing fault (with normal use as described in this manual), than GMG is required to respect this guarantee. In that case please contact your dealer. For detailed information on the application of the guarantee you can contact your dealer.

The guarantee is excluded in the following cases:In case of use different than described in the manual The product is brought for repair through a not authorized dealer The product is not presented with the original proof of purchase to the manufacturer. Repairs were performed by third party or not authorized retailer The defect was caused by misuse, careless use or maintenance, by neglect or impact damage to the seat and/or frame In case of normal wear to parts, which you may expect during daily use of a product.

Since when?The guarantee term starts at the date of purchasing of the product.

For what period?The guarantee is for a period of 24 consecutive months. The guarantee is only for the first owner and cannot be transferred.