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Designed specifically for the Bob Yak and Ibex, the Wandertec Sax is hand made in Flagstaff, AZ, USA and will keep all your gear contained without the need for a secondary container or dry sack.


Wandertec SAX Cargo Liner for BOB Trailers

This is the perfect accessory to help make the BOB Trailer more user friendly for hauling and shopping trips around town. This liner is for all versions of the BOB Yak and Ibex trailers and creates a basket-like container within the cargo area of the trailer.

Use the SAX liner in conjunction with the optional Bike Trailer Cargo Net ($23.99) to keep items securely in place. The SAX can also be used underneath the BOB DrySAK. Pack your items in the SAX, stack the BOB DrySAK on top and tighten it down to both hold it in place and have it cap off the items in the BOB.

Use the SAX to load items that don’t necessarily need protection from rain such as water bottles, dishes and items already stored in dry bags. In this capacity, your SAX will extend the life of your BOB Dry Sak or other BOB travel bags by serving as a buffer between the bag and the metal cargo area of the trailer.

  • The SAX is made to fit the profile of the trailer perfectly
  • The SAX straps around the top bar of the BOB’s cargo area with 1″ webbing straps tightened down against single bar slides
  • The back end of the SAX straps to the Yak luggage stop or the Ibex shock tower
  • Available in two sizes depending on the year of the YAK & Ibex trailer
  • Weight:Pre-2004 – 0.85 lb
  • Weight:2004+ – 0.95 lb
  • Perfect dimensions to fit the exact area of the trailer cargo bay
  • Rear wall rises 6″ on Pre-2004 and 4″ on 2004+
  • Made of ultra-tough 1000 denier ballistic nylon

One year limited warranty on materials.

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cargo liner

greatly overpriced

Todd G.
phenomenal build quality

before I got this cargo liner my Yak was just ok. now it is really really functional!

Kenneth K.
Wandertec SAX-BOB Trailer Cargo Liner

I really like this liner! It protects my stuff from the trailer and the trailer from my stuff. I'm not in fear of losing my groceries and it partially conceals what I am carrying. One thing is don't like though is how the straps stick out when the liner is installed, maybe some velcro or something to hold them down would make it look cleaner. Good product though!

Hughes G.
Wandertec SAX-BOB Trailer Cargo Liner

This liner has greatly increased the versatility of our Bob Ibex for grocery runs. The Drysack is tricky to fill at the grocery store. With the liner, we can simply load up reusable bags at checkout, and set them in and strap them down with the Wandertec net! The trailer easily fits 3-4 of the standard sized reusable shopping bags available at most grocery stores.

Dan W.
Wandertec SAX-BOB Trailer Cargo Liner

Fantastic quality and excellent design - the SAX-BOB is another great product that should be a standard offering for any BOB trailer.