Thomson Masterpiece Seatpost (discontinued)

Whats so special about a Thompson Seatpost? If you have to ask, you have never owned or ridden one! First off they are beautiful

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This product has been discontinued.


Whats so special about a Thompson Seatpost? If you have to ask, you have never owned or ridden one! First off they are beautiful, but this beauty is more than skin deep… they are light and strong as well!

The Thomson Masterpice is the top of the line post which is fine on or off road and for daily commuter who appreciate the finer made bike parts. Thompson shaves 40 grams off the Elite making the Masterpiece as light if not lighter than most carbon seatposts all the while keeping them over 40% stronger on ultimate strength test than the strongest production seatposts on the market.

Most people don’t get excited about a seatpost, but once you buy a Thompson, you will sell them to all of your friends and ride them on every bike you ever own!

  • Natural ellipse bore inside tube for optimum strength to weight ratio
  • Every component of the Masterpiece seatpost is 100 percent American made. This includes all fasteners and forgings
  • Adjustments can be made to the tilt of the seat without moving the seat forwards or backwards
  • Impact absorbing clamps clamps, head, and assembly will spread and flex on impact to protect seat, rails, seatpost and rider
  • The designs and materials have passed extensive life and ultimate strength tests
  • Item
  • Weight: 193 grams
  • Over All Length: 330mm
  • Usable Length: 263mm
  • Seatpost Diameter: 27.2
    Thomson warrants our Masterpiece Seatpost to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 3 years, from date of purchase, to the original owner.

    This warranty does not cover damage from crashing, abuse, modification or improper installation. Thomson defines abuse as using a product outside its intended design. If you believe you have a warranty claim return your product to Thomson for evaluation. Please include the original receipt from the authorized seller. Auction based websites are not authorized sellers of new Thomson products.

    If you do not have your original receipt warranty is from date of manufacture. Click here for warranty registration.

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    Thomson 7800 NE Industrial Boulevard Macon, GA 31216