Revelate Designs Handlebar Storage Pocket (Discontinued)

Add-on storage for your handlebar setup; like a backpack for your handlebar bag. Keeps the load close to your handlebars for better handling. Internal mesh divider. Available in two sizes.

This product has been discontinued.


Add-on storage for your handlebar setup. The Handlebar Storage Pocket is like a backpack for your handlebar bag (and in particular, a rack pack strapped to your handlebars by a Revelate Designs The Harness Handlebar Strapping System).

And it’s not just the space inside the pouch. The wrap around design means you can strap stuff between the pocket and the main bag on your handlebars.

These pockets are thin and wide, keeping the load close to your handlebars for better handling. An internal mesh divider to keep your stuff separated, and a yoke wraps around the bottom of the main handlebar bag.

Available in two sizes:

The small pocket is a minimalist mountain bike junk pouch that can be removed and stowed when not needed.

The large pocket is taller, wider and features a gussed front panel for expansion. It’s ideal for extended touring, snowbiking and bigger loads. It features D-rings on the top so you can slip a strap to it and use it as a travel bag or take it for a walk once you’re done riding.


Large – 8″ in wrap around height, curved sides to fit around a 8-10″ diameter bag.

Small – 6″ in height, curved sides to fit a 6″ diameter bag.


Both pockets clip to four dedicated mounting points on the harness. For use with Revelate Designs The Sling Handlebar Strapping System or by themselves. You need to mount directly to the handlebar using the strap clips (available separately, included if you buy with a Sling). Also you can simply wrap the pocket around a main bag under the handlebars but slippage can occur depending on the rack pack fabric and other factors.

These bags have the new “Airlock” style buckles. The “Jet” style buckles have been discontinued. (See our photo showing the two styles). If you are buying this bag to coordinate with previously purchased Revelate Designs bags, make sure your bags have “Airlock” buckles. If you need “Jet” buckles, contact Revelate Designs directly.

    • Weight (small): 3.3 oz
    • Weight (large): 4.3 oz
    • Volume: Small – 150 cu in 6″x12″x2″ — Large – 295 cu in 7″x12″x3.5″

Small – 150 cu in 6″ x 12″ x 2″ Large – 295 cu in 7″ x 12″ x 3.5″

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