Revelate Designs Buckle Repair Kit


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Buckles for repair of your Revelate gear. These 3/4″ buckles are used on most seat bags and handlebar bags.


Enhance the functionality of your Revelate gear with these durable 3/4″ buckles, specifically designed for most seat and handlebar bags. These buckles will ensure that your gear remains secure and reliable during your rides.

Note: If repairing a Revelate Harness, the buckles included in this kit may not be the correct ones you need and we recommend emailing us first. We will assist in identifying the right parts for your specific gear, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.



  • 2 Male Camlocks
  • 2 Male Buckles
  • 2 Female Buckles


  • Width: 20 mm (3/4 inch)
  • Material: Plastic