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The Ultimate 6 Pro-M builds on the improvements introduced by Ortlieb with the Ultimate 6 Classic M handlebar bag and adds more features to make it a top of the line offering.


The Ultimate 6 Pro-M builds on the improvements introduced by Ortlieb with the Ultimate 6 Classic M handlebar bag and adds more features to make it a top of the line offering.

This handlebar bag features a hardtop lid with a transparent waterproof window designed for touchscreen GPS and smartphone devices. Magnets hold the lid in place so it is easy to open and close. This bag is convenient to use without having to get off the bike. Your camera will be handy at all times so you won’t miss capturing the incredible view.

The main compartment features an external mesh pocket, an internal zippered pocket with a key lanyard and adjustable sub-dividers so you can stay organized.

This handlebar bag can be locked to the bike and also features a locking lid so your gear is safe.

The removable shoulder strap will come in handy if you do decide to carry it with you when you are exploring by foot.


  • Ultimate6 Handlebar Bag Mount
    • Manufactured from a fiber-reinforced high-tech, anti-scratch thermoplastic that is extremely strong and durable, and in many tests can be stronger than metal parts.
    • Incredibly rigid and strong attachment system that will not slip when correctly fitted.
    • Integrated lock mechanism for both locking the bag to the mount and locking the lid shut.
      • Includes two keys.
    • Allows for easy and quick removal of bag.
    • Compatible with handlebars up to 31.8mm in diameter.
      • Do not use with carbon handlebars.
    • Places the bag 2″ in front of the handlebars.
      • For forward curving handlebar, use the optional extender to place the bag 3.75″ in front of the handlebar.
    • Compatible with bags utilizing the Rixen & Kaul (aka Klick-Fix) mounting system.
    • Small front facing reflector for visibility when bag is not mounted.
    • Create additional mounting space with the Ultimate6 Mounting Extension.
    • As compared to the “Classic” PD620 fabric, it is lighter in weight and more flexible especially in cold weather, yet it is still very tough.
    • Not as easy to clean as the “Classic” PD620 fabric.
    • Highly durable, polyurethane waterproof inner layer.
  • Dust & Water Proofness Rating: IP 54
    • 5 = Protected against dust, slight penetration of dust possible.
    • 4 = Protected against splash water coming from all directions.
  • Includes shoulder strap for carrying the handlebar off of the bicycle.
  • Integrated pocket with zipper and snap hook for keys.
  • Touchscreen operated through the lid
  • Large outer mesh pocket with Velcro
  • Organize with an Internal divider for easier access.
  • Compatible with Map Case, Camera Insert and Icebox Cooler.

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  • H x W x D: 18cm x 24cm x 13.5cm / 7.1″ x 9.4″ x 5.3″
  • Weight: 800g / 28.8oz
  • Volume Capacity: 7L / 427 cu in
  • Weight Capacity: 5kg / 11lbs
  • Warranty

    All Ortlieb Bags are backed by a 5-year warranty against defects in material and manufacturing.

    Please see our Warranty page for the details of our warranty process.

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    Sara K.

    Great service!

    Really like description of items with reviews. Handlebar bag was exactly as described.

    Gary C.

    Excellent customer service

    Unfortunately, the first generation Ortlieb Pro M Bag is not available anymore. When I discovered a second generation bag in the box, I contacted them, shipped the bag back, and they promptly refunded the cost of the bag $189.99. In the future, I will shop from them again.

    Eric P.

    How do I get accessories?

    I like the bag - expensive but well-made. I'd like to get the camera insert - called Bikeshophub and left a message, but have not heard back. Also would like to get another mount so I can swap the bag between bikes.

    Rebecca Stanley

    Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Pro-M

    This is an update to my previous review. I'm torn as to whether I should knock a star off or not, because I still really love this handlebar bag. But a con has presented itself that would-be buyers should be aware of, in case they are getting this case---as I did---for the clear, waterproof section in the lid for storing a phone or gps. It should be noted that when riding in the heat, the clear phone compartment in the lid gets TOO HOT for electronic devices. My phone has shut down on multiple occasions due to overheating---a-ll when riding in full sunlight on 60+ degree days---and so I have taken to not keeping it in that compartment if I am going to be riding for long in full sun. It's okay in the early morning or in the evenings, or on really cool days (say, sub 60 degrees). It would have been better if they had used some sort of heat-deflecting screen or low-e film for that area, though I can see that might cause trouble with screen visibility.

    As a side note, without the weight of a device in the lid, it doesn't stay open as well if you happen to be accessing things in the bag while moving (stowing or removing gloves, arm warmers, etc). This is not a huge deal, however; it's just something to note, since I had really liked the way the lid stays open while moving when it has the weight of a device in that compartment.

    Rebecca Stanley

    Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Pro-M

    Before this I had the Ortlieb Ultimate5 Plus, which I was never happy with. Things rattled in it due to the hard plastic piece that fit along the bottom and up the sides, so a cloth was necessary to keep things quiet, and the lid was difficult to get closed properly. I also didn't like the bulbous top, making it ride rather tall and look somewhat overwhelming. Enter the Ultimate 6 Pro-M. This bag has fixed everything I didn't like about the other bag. It opens easily with one hand and closes even easier with a satisfying snick. The inside is not hard plastic, but the same rubberized material that makes up their panniers, and things ride quietly, with or without the dividers installed. The front and two sides are rigid, while the back is soft---presumab-ly to allow for your bikes cabling to not rattle against it or for the case to push on them overmuch. The look of the bag is sharp as well, and it doesn't ride as high as the other, making it seem smaller even though it's just as large inside. I was expecting to have trouble getting my phone in the top compartment, but it's a slim Moto X2, and it fits fine without a case (I do slip it out of the minimalist silicone cover I keep on the phone because it slides in and out easier that way). Note: there is a piece of foam that comes installed in that compartment that I took out thinking it was packaging---it'-s not. I had to put it back in so that my phone didn't have slack under the window, preventing me from operating the phone correctly. Furthermore, the closing of the lid is unaffected by running USB cables under it into the bag, which I am doing since I didn't want to fork out extra for the ProE version. Another note: The handlebar mount is notably lighter than the prior version I had with the Ultimate5 bag. It also comes with an adjustable strap for carrying, which I can see being quite convenient when you need to leave your bike somewhere. Just attach the strap, remove the bag from the quick connect, sling it over your shoulder and go with a bag that isn't at all unattractive. All in all, this bag is an absolute pleasure to use. I highly recommend it.