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The Ultimate 6 is a waterproof handlebar bag with a lockable lid and a few other upgraded features that riders will really appreciate. The Ultimate 6 is made out of the same durable waterproof material used for there panniers so your gear will stay dry no matter what the weather is like.

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The Ultimate 6 is made out of the same durable waterproof material used for there panniers so your gear will stay dry no matter what the weather is like.

Magnets hold the lid in place so it’s even easier to open and close than the previous model. This bag is convenient to use without having to get off the bike.

Your camera will be handy at all times so you won’t miss capturing the incredible view. This handlebar bag can be locked to the bike. The removable shoulder strap will come in handy if you do decide to carry it with you when you are exploring by foot.


  •  Ultimate6 Handlebar Bag Mounting System
    • Manufactured from a fiber-reinforced high-tech, anti-scratch thermoplastic that is extremely strong and durable, and in many tests can be stronger than metal parts.
    • Incredibly rigid and strong attachment system that will not slip when correctly fitted.
    • Integrated lock mechanism for 1. Locking the bag to the mount. 2. Locking the lid shut.
      • Includes two keys.
    • Allows for easy and quick removal of the bag from the bicycle.
    • Compatible with handlebars up to 31.8mm in diameter.
      • Do not use with carbon handlebars.
    • Places the bag 51mm / 2″ in front of the handlebars.
      • For forward curving handlebar, use the optional extender to place the bag 95mm / 3.75″ in front of the handlebar.
    • Additional mounts are available enabling the use of one bag on multiple bicycles.
    • Small front facing reflector for visibility when the bag is not mounted.
    • Compatible with the Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Extension for Devise Mounting, to allow for easier devise and light mounting.
    • Compatible with bags utilizing the Rixen & Kaul (aka Klick-Fix) mounting system.
  • Fabrics: PD620 & PS490 (Compare)
    • Features of both fabrics
      • Highly rated tear and abrasion resistance.
      • Use of high frequency welding to meet the highest of waterproofing specifications.
    • PD620 – Polyester, PVC Coated “Classic”
      • Used on the colored panels.
      • As compared to the “Plus” fabric, this fabric is stiffer with a glossier outer finish.
      • Cleans off very easily.
      • Highly durable, pvc waterproof inner and outer layers.
    • PS490 – Polyester, PVC Coated “Classic”
      • Used on the black panels.
      • Highly durable, pvc waterproof inner layer.
  • Dust & Water Proofness Rating: IP 54 (Compare)
    • 5 = Protected against dust, slight penetration of dust possible.
    • 4 = Protected against splash water coming from all directions.
  • Magnetic lid closure and finger handle allows for one handed opening and closing of the lid.
    • Allows for easy access to camera and snacks even while riding.
  • Internal plastic stiffeners maintains shape of bag.
    • Square bottom allows the bag to sit upright when set on flat surfaces.
    • Rounded top allows for water to easily flow off the lid.
  • Internal zippered pocket  measures 15cm / 6″ tall and 20cm / 8″ wide.
    • Includes a snap hook for keys outside of the pocket.
  • Forward-facing, highly reflective 3M Scotchlite patch measuring 5cm x 5cm / 2″ x 2″.
  • Includes a 104cm / 41″ adjustable length shoulder strap for carrying the handlebar bag away from the bicycle.
    • The shoulder strap can be quickly snapped on or be removed from the handlebar bag.
    • When cycling, the attached shoulder strap can be quickly tucked away underneath the lid without interfering with the waterproof closure.


  • H x W x D: 21cm x 24cm x 13cm / 8.3″ x 9.4″ x 5.1″
  • Weight: 710g / 1.6lbs
  • Volume Capacity: 7L / 427 cu in
  • Weight Capacity: 5kg / 11lbs


All Ortlieb Bags are backed by a 5-year warranty against defects in material and manufacturing.

Please see our Warranty page for the details of our warranty process.

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Lindsey B.
Love This Bag

My husband got one first and I thought we just needed the one but after doing my own bike trips I got one myself. I was going to go with a cheap bag but after reading the different ways they all sit on the handlebars I had to go with this one. I love how easy it is to attach to the bike and how it comes off if you don't want to leave it with your bike while locked up. Also, the lid stays closed even if you go over some rough terrain and your stuff is bouncing around inside. Our stuff has stayed dry as well even during some pretty heavy rain. Highly recommend.

Jeff D.
Great Ortlieb bag and great service

It is always a pleasure to deal with Campfire Cycling! I called up to change the color of the bag after ordering it. No problem.

Robert O.
Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Handlebar Bag

I wasn't sure the Ortlieb Handlebar Bag would work with my Surly Moloko handlebars and the Salsa tube bag I also use when bikepacking. Good news, it works perfect, rotating up to accommodate the Salsa bag when it's on and rotating down to a standard position when the tube bag isn't there. I will have to use an attachment to raise my GoPro and light above the bag when the Salsa bag is used but that's not a problem to me. It's really handy to have certain items so easy to access and dry from any weather I might encounter.

Michael B.

Item works great. Many miles of experience with the Ulitmate 5. The 6 is a gift. Yes, would definitely use Campfire again. Former customer of Wayne’s

Layne G.
Fast service, but wouldn’t buy this item again.

BikeShopHub (now rebranding as CampfireCycling) sent it lightning fast. Loved the service. Thanks! As for the item itself? I’m frankly disappointed. I’m a cycle tourist who guides leadership treks across the globe, and prior to this I always used an Arkel Handlebar bag and loved it. Got two in a row, in fact, over the last ten years, but wanted a waterproof handlebar that didn’t require a separate cover. Enter Ortlieb. I bought the Ultimate Classic thinking it would fit my needs but ohhh was I mistaken. Well, partially. Yes, it’s waterproof, which I love. Yes, with the padded camera insert it can nestle my Fujifilm XT-2 camera, which I love. But not much else. There’s no extra zippered pocket to stash the strap. Oh, I suppose I could stuff the strap in with the camera, but I’d rather not since I already have money pouch, lenses, and cleaning kit inside, and don’t want the hassle of spaghetti-like strap every time I whip out my camera for a pic. Worse, the strap detaches FAR too easily. Instead of hooking securely onto an open triangle, it clicks onto a knob. It’s not secure. It falls off easily. On my current journey, the strap has fallen off multiple times while walking—including in areas known for pickpockets. Here I am fumbling to retrieve pouch or camera, and now I have to wrestle with a bag and strap as well. It’s more than slightly unnerving. In short, I can’t stand the way the strap attaches to the bag, and lament I’d bought the bag at all. In the future I’ll probably return to Arkel. Layne wayofthehero.com


Yes the strap does not have a separate pocket for the strap. That said, the bag is designed so that the strap does not need to be removed and can be quickly folded underneath the lid. As far as the shoulder strap disconnected, I'm wondering if the strap was not fully engaged. It seems quite secure when it is fully engaged in its snap. That said, we'll be looking out for others with issues with this aspect of the strap's design.