Ortlieb Frame-Packs (Core)

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Ortlieb Frame-Pack

The Ortlieb Frame Pack is about embracing minimalism. You head off on your bike into the great outdoors, away from it all for an extended period. The amount of gear you can take is limited! The ORTLIEB Frame-Pack allows you to exploit your bike frame to create valuable stowage.

Ortlieb Frame-Pack RC

ORTLIEB’s frame bag with roll closure helps you start off your bike packing adventure well-prepared. Thanks to the waterproof roll closure —which is closed by three silicone rings—  paired with the proven nylon fabric, your luggage inside the bag stays absolutely dry even in the most adverse conditions.

Ortlieb Frame-Pack Toptube

The ORTLIEB Toptube Frame-Pack is the smart solution for all who want to use their frame’s main triangle for storage space without having to do without their water bottle.

Ortlieb Frame-Pack Toptube RC

The Frame-Pack RC Toptube is the solution for everyone who likes to have access to their water bottles while also carrying gear inside the bike frame triangle.

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Just like other Ortlieb products, these Frame-Packs are made with lightweight, durable, nylon material that is high frequency welded. This design and a waterproof zip ensures that all Ortlieb Frame-Packs remain completely dry from the inside no matter how much rain is pouring down.

We have a number of Frame-Packs options available, whether it be a half-pack, top-tube frame pack or full Frame-Pack version. Choose between Medium and Large sizes that offer up to 6 litres of space, perfect to store heavy / bulky items. Matching up the Frame-Pack to your bike can be a little tricky so let us know if we can help and be sure to check out our frame bag guide.