Ortlieb E242 Frame Mounting Pivot Bearings for Quick Rack


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Get a set of E242 pivot bearings to setup a 2nd bicycle for use with your Quick Rack or Quick Rack Light.


Elevate your Quick-Rack setup with our M5 & M6 frame mounting swivel bearings. Ideal for cyclists with multiple bikes, these durable and easy-to-install bearings streamline the process of switching between rides.

No need to remove and reinstall the entire rack system; simply swap out the bearings and you’re ready for your next adventure. Maximize the utility of your Quick-Rack and spend more time on the road or trail.

*These swivel bearings are compatible with both the standard Ortlieb Quick-Rack and its lighter counterpart, the Ortlieb Quick-Rack Light.


  • Additional Frame Bolts: These bolts are designed to secure the rack to a second bike, allowing for greater flexibility and convenience when you want to switch between different bicycles.
  • Threaded Eyelet Compatibility: Specifically engineered for bike frames with M5 or M6 threaded eyelets, ensuring a secure and stable fit.

Compatible With: 

  • Ortlieb Quick-Rack: these swivel bearings are fully compatible with the standard Ortlieb Quick-Rack, making it easy to extend the functionality of your existing setup.
  • Ortlieb Quick-Rack Light: Also compatible with the lighter version of the Ortlieb Quick-Rack, these bearings offer the same ease of use and durability, but with a lighter load capacity in mind.


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