Ortlieb Back Roller High-Visibility (Single)


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High-Vis All The Time!
The Ortlieb Rear Roller High Visibility panniers are waterproof and will expand your overall capacity. Rear pannier with roll closure; new QL2.1 system up to 16mm; new PU laminated Cordura interwoven reflective yarn; inner pocket; large reflectors; shoulder carrying strap.
(Sold as a Single. Also available as Pairs and with Add-On Deals.)


Set Your Own Schedule With a Set of Ortlieb Hi-Vis Panniers

When you go bicycle touring, you’re finally free from the clock.  You can ride late into the night or early in the morning.  Your “schedule” reveals itself as you listen to your body, the road ahead and the spontaneous adventures you encounter along the way.

You’ve got a good set of lights.  But what really gives you confidence for bicycle touring after dark are your Ortlieb Hi-Vis Panniers.

These bags glow like fireballs when reflecting the light of a carbeam.  With a pair or better yet four mounted Hi-Vis pannier mounted on your bicycle, your bicycle glows from any direction.  Any car you encounter will see you whether or not your lights are functioning properly at the moment.

That watch has been weighing too heavily on your wrist lately.  Trade it in for a set of Ortlieb Hi-Vis Panniers and let the good times roll.


  • QL2.1 Mounting System
    • Features of both Upper & Lower Mounting
      • Manufactured from a fiber-reinforced high-tech, anti-scratch thermoplastic that is extremely strong and durable, and in many tests can be stronger than metal parts.
      • Fits rack rails from 8mm to 16mm diameter.
      • See the QL2.1 mounting instructions.
    • Upper Mounting
      • The hook positions are easily adjusted without tools for optimal placement on the rack’s upper rails.
        • More forward placement is better for weight distribution, but rearward positions may be necessary for heal clearance.
      • Quick-lock hooks open automatically by lifting the pannier handles for easy one-handed removal.
      • Includes anti-scratch hook inserts for 8mm, 10mm and 12mm rails.
    • Lower Mounting
      • The semi-elliptical shape of the lower hook rail allows for optimal positioning for secure and easy attachment.
      • The lower hook position along the rail and orientation (in 15 deg steps) is easily adjusted without tools.
      • An additional lower mounting hook can be added on for extra security of the panniers in rough conditions.
  • “Hi-Vis” – Cordura, PU Coated – PS50CX
    • Highly rated tear and abrasion resistance.
    • Use of high frequency welding to meet the highest of waterproofing specifications.
    • Used throughout Ortlieb’s HI-VIS lineup.
    • Densely interwoven with high-luminosity reflective yarn, turning the entire bag into a highly visible reflector of automotive headlights.
    • As compared to the “Classic” fabric, it is lighter in weight and more flexible especially is cold weather, yet it is still very tough.
    • Highly durable, polyurethane waterproof inner layer.
  • Roll-Top Closure
    • Simple, effective and highly versatile means of protecting contents against dust and spray water from all directions.
    • The roll closure gains it’s stability and waterproof quality from the thin plastic stiffener bars sewn into the upper end of the material.
    • Height or volume of packed bags can also be reduced by rolling up the material further.
  • Dust & Water Proofness Rating: IP 64
    • 6 = Dust proof, no penetration of dust.
    • 4 = Protected against splash water coming from all directions.
  • Includes two shoulder straps for carrying the panniers off of the bicycle.
    • Shoulder straps integrate into the roll closure system for easy accessibility.
  • Highly reflective 3M Scotchlite patches on front and rear of pannier.
  • Entire bag is made of reflective fabric
  • Internal storage pocket.
  • Lower edge protector with slots for mounting to the Ortlieb Carry System.
  • Typically used as rear panniers but can also be used as large front panniers.
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  • Sold as a Single. Also available as Pairs and with Add-On Deals.
  • H x W x D (each): 42cm x 32cm x 17cm / 16″ x 12″ x 9″
  • Weight (single): 840g / 29.7 oz
  • Volume Capacity (single): 20L / 1220 cu in


All Ortlieb Bags are backed by a 5-year warranty against defects in material and manufacturing.

Please see our Warranty page for the details of our warranty process.