Busch and Muller Ixon Pure Bike Headlight (Discontinued)

A great light for cyclists wanting an economical light for general cycling after dusk. Illuminates the road ahead and nearby. Recharge the NiMH batteries with the batteries inside the headlight.

This product has been discontinued.


A USB rechargeable headlight from Busch and Muller!A USB rechargeable headlight from Busch and Muller!

That’s how excited we were about the Ixon Pure. A great light for commuters and other cyclists wanting an economical light for general cycling after dusk, but who don’t want to buy new batteries or carry a charger.

The beam is bright at the top to help you see the road at a distance, and dimmer at the bottom so you can see the area near your bike.

Runs on three AA rechargeable batteries that you can recharge while inside the headlight. The quick-click mounting system allows you to remove the headlight easily from your handlebars so you can charge the batteries overnight, or during the day while you work, then reattach when you are ready to ride.

Charge from any powered USB outlet, such as on your computer.

Includes charging cable. Available with or without a wall charger and batteries.

Also available: The Busch and Muller Ixon Pure Basic Bike Headlight, which is the same light, but without the ability to recharge batteries in the light itself.

  • A rubber edge serves as shock and glare protection
  • Quick-click mounting system
  • Mounting bracket fits up to 26mm handlebars
  • Weight: 99 gr / 3.5 oz (excluding batteries)
  • Output: 30 lux in high mode / 10 lux in low mode
  • Battery: AA x 3 (light may be ordered with batteries and charger or without either)
  • Battery Life: unavailable
  • Charge Time: unavailable
  • LED Life: 100,000 hours
    Busch and Muller lights have a 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects.