650b Tubeless Tire (Max 42mm) Upgrades

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Rene Herse 650B x 42 Pumpkin Ridge

The Pumpkin Ridge tire is inspired by the Pumpkin Ridge: a quiet, paved, road near Portland, Oregon in the Cascade Mountains with a number of promising dirt spurs heading toward the Tualatin Mountains.

Rene Herse 650 X 42 Babyshoe Pass TC

Our most iconic 650B tire has a perfect balance of on-pavement grip and off-pavement volume. We name our tires after the passes in the Cascade Mountains that have inspired them: Babyshoe Pass (photo) runs between the great volcanoes of Mount St. Helens and Mount Adams in the Cascade Range. This long climb on a gravel road provides a back-door way from Seattle to Portland, avoiding the crowded Puget Lowland. As you climb out of the dense evergreen forests, the mountain vistas open up, and you see glimpses of Mount Adams.

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Rene Herse 650 X 38 Loup Loup Pass TC

The joy of a road bike without the drawbacks: The 38 mm Loup Loup Pass provides the intimate feedback that you love on a road bike, but does away with the chatter and discomfort. We name our tires after the passes in the Cascade Mountains that have inspired them: Loup Loup Pass (photo) connects the Methow Valley with the Okanagan in northern Washington State. The road across this scenic pass is paved, but the asphalt is rough and cracks have formed where the road has settled. Wide tires allow you to descend this beautiful pass with confidence.

$73.99 each

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You’ve chosen to UPGRADE your tires!  Now you get to select your choice of tires below.  Be sure to select 2 tire (inputting 2 into the number field).  And you get 50% off your UPGRADE tires and we keep the original tires.