2023 Bombtrack Bicycles are 20% to 40% off. 

  • 40% off Bombtracks are available with $175 flat rate shipping within the contiguous United States. 
    • 40% off Bombtracks are unopened from the factory.  For online purchases, we recommend having these bicycles built, test-ridden and tuned at your local bike shop.
    • In-Store purchases of 40% off Bombtrack will be charged an additional $175 to cover our shipping and in-store build costs.
  • 20% off Bombtracks get Free Shipping within the contiguous United States.
    • 20% off Bombtracks are first shipped to Campfire where we build, test-ride and tune the bicycle before repacking and shipping it out. 
    • In-Store purchases of 20% off Bombtrack do not have any additional charges.

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