Logistics Manager

Position Overview

We’re looking for a dynamic individual to join our small ecommerce team working alongside me, Campfire’s owner and ecommerce manager, to manage and work on our ecommerce fulfillment, purchasing, accounting, inventory management, warehousing and customer service as our logistics manager.

Campfire Cycling is a bikepacking focused bike shop and ecommerce store. The basement of our bike shop is our ecommerce fulfillment center where we do our office work, warehouse our inventory and pack and ship orders.

What You’ll Be Doing as our Logistics Manager

We are looking for someone with strengths and interest in ecommerce logistics. Compared with the bike shop side of things, which is a combination of bicycle repair, in-person sales and community building, the ecommerce side is focused on using our computer systems to efficiently navigate the flows of inventory all while smoothly working with our ecommerce customers. We are looking for someone who thrives in organizational systems and keeping multiple processes running in sync.

The position initially and possibly long-term may not involve managing others. In this role you will be doing the bulk of our fulfillment and customer service. If we continue to grow our ecommerce sales, we will bring on a shipper to work with and be managed by you.

Beyond the day-to-day responsibilities of fulfillment and customer service, as our logistics manager you will manage purchasing, inventory accounting, organizing and improving our warehouse and managing our shipping rates, provider and supplies.

– Contributions Broken Down –

This is a full-time position, Monday through Friday 8:30A to 5P, where you will manage and do the following:

  • Fulfillment (we use ShipHero as our shipping & inventory management software)
    • Shipping orders to our customers.
    • Receiving shipments of new inventory.
    • Processing returns and warranties.
    • Restocking the showroom.
    • Coordinating with the bike shop on bicycle builds for ecommerce sales.
    • Managing our shipping processes including our SOPs and shipping software.
    • Managing our shipping services and supplies including our FedEx and Endicia relationships, shipping rates and quotes and our shipping supplies.
  • Purchasing
    • Forecasting inventory demands.
    • Submitting purchase orders and keeping track of our order statuses.
    • Developing relationships with our vendors.
  • Inventory Accounting & Management (we use Xero as our accounting software)
    • Organizing and paying invoices.
    • Reconciling payments.
  • Warehouse Management
    • Maintaining a clean and orderly warehouse.
    • Overseeing periodic stock counts.
    • Relocating inventory and shelves for efficient picking.
  • Customer Service
    • Replying to ecommerce related emails.
    • Handling incoming ecommerce related phone calls.
    • Resolving issues for our ecommerce customers.
  • Team Work
    • Backing up showroom sales.
    • Assisting in hosting shop events and rides.

More To Consider About the Role

An important aspect of the logistic manager’s role is coordinating and communicating with the bike shop on a variety of fronts. Online bike sales must be queued up for our mechanics to build and test before breaking down and shipping back out. Supplies and special orders for the bike shop need to be separated from the ecommerce inventory. Checking in with the sales team on inventory issues or stock that they see running low in the showroom is also important.

Some of the more arduous aspects of our logistics manager role includes things like regularly hauling inventory up and down the stairs. Generally our boxes of inventory are under 50 pounds, but this also includes handling large cumbersome bike boxes. Other arduous tasks include regularly reorganizing inventory, moving shelves, putting away new boxes, breaking down boxes and hauling boxes to the recycling bin.

Given the small size of our business and the critical importance of our smoothly running logistics, as the ecommerce manager, I will be training, handing over responsibilities and continue to be involved in strategy and oversight. I also am the backup person when you take time off. Some of our bike mechanics may assist with shipping for backup needs or in the summer when the shop is slow and the ecommerce is busy.

Beyond the everyday tasks and management responsibility, as there is time, we are planning on working on multiple organizational projects to improve our back-end systems. These include the following:

  • Setting up barcode scanning for in-store checkout, shipping and receiving.
  • Organizing the showroom into a system that is replenished by the ecommerce team.
  • Conducting a full inventory count and cleaning out stale inventory.
  • Implementing deeper reporting throughout the business.

The work environment for our ecommerce team is primarily in the basement of our bike shop. We are currently working on setting up a more comfortable office area within the basement alongside the shipping area. We are hopeful that this will be a comfortable workspace in time for the logistics manager to get started, but there will likely be some on-going improvements to really get things dialed in.

There is benefit for myself and the logistics manager to spend some time each week working upstairs in the bike shop. Getting to know the flow of the shop and experiencing the customer and community environment yields a great a sense of the Campfire brand, valuable insights about our products and customers and a better connection to the whole team. The two of us will shift to desks upstairs once or twice a week during times when their staffing is low so that we can also offer backup support as needed.

This Could Be You If…

Excellent candidates for this role will be drawn towards the opportunity to combine their professional skills with a passion for cycling and the outdoors. This could be you if…

  • You have 3+ years experience in managing business operations. This would include many or all of the following: fulfillment, purchasing, accounting, inventory management, warehousing or customer service. Ideally this experience is for an ecommerce business.
    (This length of business operations management experience is not an absolute requirement for a candidate that is highly qualified in other regards.)
  • You are highly organized with great attention to detail, including being very diligent about maintaining safe, organized and clean working environments.
  • You have an ownership mentality with an inclination for entrepreneurial problem solving and learning.
  • You are a self starter with significant management experience.
  • You are a great communicator with customers and employees.
  • You are comfortable supporting your co-workers in their roles while also appreciative of the benefit of them supporting you.
  • You are a dedicated, possibly life long (long term) cyclist. If you are not already a bikepacker you are ready to become one.

Why Work With Us?

For the right person, working at Campfire Cycling will be a highly rewarding experience. And your efforts will have a direct impact on inspiring people to get out and adventure by bike.

  • The ecommerce logistics side of Campfire Cycling is demanding and full of challenges. For someone who enjoys this work, there is plenty to do. We are evolved enough with how we do things that it is not chaotic. We are also in a position of our growth curve where this is a great time to come in and really help get the gears turning smoothly.
  • I am an ecommerce and small business nerd who has handled our logistics for almost 17 years now. If you are interested in learning from someone who has been around the block and back, I have plenty of experience and knowledge to share.
  • For someone who loves bicycles, bikepacking and bicycle touring, this job puts you in close contact with a community of passionate folks. From the products we sell, to the city that we are in, to our customers, Campfire Cycling is very much a part of the bikepacking community.
  • You will inherently become a bicycling advocate as part of what you do with Campfire Cycling. IMHO, bicycle shops are the backbone of bicycle advocacy and doing positive work in a bicycle shop is highly positive work for humanity.
  • Campfire Cycling is committed to creating a work culture where all identities feel welcome and comfortable in being and expressing themselves. We embrace all genders, ages, cultures, ancestries, ethnicities, races, colors, sexual orientations, physical abilities, learning styles, religions, familial statuses, marital statuses, occupations, veteran statuses, nationalities, citizenships, socio-economic statuses, and the many forms of composite subjectivity and life experiences.

About Us

We are a small team of cyclists focused on running a great bike shop with a specialty focus on bikepacking.

Campfire Cycling was launched 3 and a half years ago. We grew up in the pandemic and its been a wild ride to say the least. While there have been plenty of sticky spots, we’ve managed to find our way, establish our brand and grow our team and offerings.

Salary & Benefits

  • $50k salary.
  • Quarterly bonuses.
  • 3 weeks (15 days) PTO.
  • Access to wholesale pricing and pro deals on cycling and camping gear.

Ready to Apply?

To apply please answer the following questions:

  1. Why are you interested in this position?
  2. Describe your experience in managing operations, ecommerce fulfillment, purchasing, accounting, inventory management, warehousing and customer service or some combination of these.
  3. Describe your experience and involvement with cycling, bikepacking, bicycling communities and the bicycling industry.
  4. Is there anything you’ve created that’s public and online that would help us to get to know you better? (Blog, photography portfolio, videos, music, etc)

Send your answers to info@campfirecycling.com with the subject line “I’m your next Logistics Manager.” Please include your resume.

Apply by April 17th:

Our Screening & Interview process is as follows. We will let you know at each step if you are proceeding to the next step or not. There may be multiple week delays before you here from us after each step.

  • Step 1: Email us, answering the above 4 questions.
  • Step 2: Fill out our application that we will email to you if you’ve made it to this step.
  • Step 3: Join us for a 30 minute zoom interview.
  • Step 4: Join us for a 60-90 minute in-person interview (or via zoom if not local)
  • Additional steps may vary.

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