Mission & Values


Empowering all Tucson cyclists and communities by making cycling and bicycle touring more accessible.


  1. Dedicated to Serving All Tucson Communities – While the sustainability of our business is supported by our ecommerce presence beyond Tucson, our mission is to empower all Tucson cyclists and communities. The stability of our hybrid business model enables us to focus greater attention on Tucson. We engage underrepresented Tucson communities. We acknowledge that we are recently beginning this work and have much to learn as we get underway. (See our DEI principles)
  2. Welcoming – Cycling and bicycle touring is empowering, enriching and rewarding in so many ways and should be accessible to as many people as possible. We strive to create an environment that is as warm and welcoming as possible. Being mindful of the historical inequities and deeply rooted oppression in America, we focus on welcoming communities that have been marginalized and tokenized in American cycling culture. Internally, we are dedicated to growing into and maintaining a diverse and equitable workplace.
  3. Advocating for Cycling & Bicycle Touring – We work towards helping cyclists overcome the myriad of challenges that we face. Bicycle touring is an especially empowering method for inspiring cyclists to learning skills to become lifelong cyclists.
  4. Dedicated Bicycle Touring Experts – We consistently study to expand upon our expertise in bicycle touring. All employees of Campfire Cycling must either be active cycle tourists or actively learning bicycle touring. As experts at bicycle touring, we are also experts in all levels of bicycle touring. From beginner to intermediate to expert level, we are ready to meet all of our customers and communities where they are.
  5. Daily Integrity – A team dedicated to showing up and putting in quality work day after day is essential to the success of a community focused bike shop.
  6. Sharing the Excitement – Cycling and bicycle touring is exciting and put simply a whole lot of fun. We work to share the excitement, making it accessible for everyone. Our team makes time for getting out for adventuring on our own and more importantly looking for compelling ways to share the excitement with Tucson and beyond.