Resupply Intel: Parker Canyon Lake

Last weekend I found myself in the little lake front convenience store at Parker Canyon Lake after enjoying some paddle-boarding with my family.  The question of what this little store is actually stocked with has come up multiple times in the past few years. The thing is that this store is about a mile descent off of the AZT.  The descent is just long and steep enough that it is only worth it if you really need a resupply.  But its in an area that it is the only resupply option.  It also falls along other routes including Joe Cruz’s Madrean Rugged Ramble.

Anyways, here are the shelves… Also see info about the store hours, which is open only Thursday to Sunday from September to April last I checked. I hope it helps someone make up their mind if the little off-trail trek down to that store is worth it.

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