Our Grand Opening Event with Lael, Rue and Now Chris Seistrup!

In April we launched the Campfire Cycling brand and website. But now we’re gearing up to launch the heart of our new enterprise, the Campfire Cycling Showroom. And we’re doing it in style by screening the new film about the 2019 Tour Divide Race, I Just Want to Ride.

We’ve been hard at work for over a year now, planning out and bringing together a very special showroom focused around bicycle camping. As a bicycle camping outfitter, we did not want to just setup a regular old cluttered bike shop with some tents in the corner. Our goal was to present bicycles and camping together in a way that really show cased how the two past times can fit seamlessly together. And we had a big warehouse space to do it in, so we were able to spread our wings and go big and bold with it.

And when it comes to cycling, we wanted to demonstrate all of the types of bicycles that could be used for bicycle touring and bikepacking. From full suspension mountain bikes to road touring steeds.

Since first announcing the event, we’ve learned that the winner of this year’s Tour Divide, Chris Seistrup, will not only be here, he’ll be speaking along with Lael and Rue.

We feel incredibly lucky to be hosting Lael, Rue and Chris and screening I Just Want To Ride as we debut our bikepacking showroom to our Tucson friends and fans.

We’re incredibly excited to watch Lael and Rue’s film and hear from these world class athletes and bike packing pioneers. Join us for a night to remember, here in the Old Pueblo.

>>Learn more and get your free tickets to our grand opening event (Nov 15, 2019) here.

Chris Seistrup’s Selfie with Lael Wilcox on Day 6 of the 2019 Tour Divide – Photo Credit Chris Seistrup

About Lael Wilcox

Lael began cycling seriously as a world bicycle traveler.  She began racing in 2015 in Israel’s Holyland Challenge, a 1000 mile unsupported race.  Lael began casually showing up and fiercely competing in big name events including the Trans Am 2016, where she took the overall win and the Tour Divide where she set the women’s record in 2015.   Lael has built a strong following by showing up and riding powerfully again and again with her effervescent smile always shining through.

About Chris Seistrup

Chris was recently interviewed on the Desolationist podcast, fresh off of his Tour Divide win, where you can feel his ultra-endurance racing rhythm come through as he describes his desperado adventures. From his favorite gas station food to how he resolved serious saddle sores, Chris brings you there. 

A remarkable fact about Chris: he is the first hemophiliac to complete the Tour Divide race. Embracing the  elements of danger, preparedness and ownership over his destiny make Chris a remarkable racer.

About Rugile “Rue” Kaladyte

Rue is a photojournalist and videographer. Over the past couple of years, she has been traveling with her partner, Lael, brilliantly documenting bike touring adventures and races around the world.  Together, Lael and Rue have become a dynamic force for capturing and sharing the life and sport of bikepacking and ultra endurance racing. 

Prior to traveling with Lael, Rue worked for a variety of publications, most recently Anchorage Daily News, the largest newspaper in Alaska. While recently, Rue has been focused on the bikepacking community, the breadth of her work explores many directions.

>>Learn more and get your free tickets to our grand opening event (Nov 15, 2019) here.

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