Building the Campfire Cycling Showroom + We’re Hiring

A Showroom for Bicycle Camping Gear

The idea was to build  a great showroom for bicycle campers that strongly complimented the Campfire Cycling ecommerce brand.

As we’re building the showroom we’re thinking about how to develop synergy between Ecommerce and brick-and-mortar.  Our showroom will be a physical manifestation of our online presence. And conversely our online presence will draw inspiration from the human energy of the showroom.

Progress Made So Far

We’ve been hard at work planning and building to bring the vision together.  Enjoy some behind the scenes footage of our progress.

Step 1 – Consolidate and Clear Out Half of the Warehouse

As we were getting started, this section of our warehouse was full of shelving and inventory.
What a mess! We consolidated inventory into the back of the warehouse and sold our extra shelves.
A big ole space to work with!

Step 2 – Work with an Architect/Designer to Plan the Space

A retail space designed entirely around bicycle camping.
Many unique touches to how we’ll be displaying bike camping gear.

Step 3 – Clean and Paint

Cleaning and painting.
Looking polished.

Step 4 – Build the Displays

My stepfather, Kurt Meyers, busy with building the displays. He’s a master craftsman. Check out his blog.
Drilling the giant pegboards.
Testing the giant pegboard concept.
The current state of completeness. Plenty more to do.

What’s Left?

Step 5 – Sand, stain and setup the displays.

Step 6 – Build up and accessorize 12 bicycle camping bicycles.

Step 7 – Merchandise the bag, rack and camping gear displays.

Step 8 – Dial in the bike repair area.

Step 9 – Finish everything off with Campfire Cycling signage, the route lounge and other details.

Step 10 – Throw a welcoming party in the fall.

Step 11 – Start running events to teach bicycle camping skills and take folks out bicycle camping!

We’re Hiring A Bicycle Mechanic

If the above to-do list inspires you and you live in Tucson, give us a shout.

We’re looking for an experienced bicycle mechanic who can help bring this showroom together.

The type of bicycle mechanic we’re looking for:

  • 2+ years of experience as a bicycle mechanic.
  • Experienced as a bicycle camper.
  • Experienced in retail sales and merchandising.

Job details:

  • This is a temporary position.
  • We’re looking for someone who can be available for around 30 hours per week for the next 3 months.
  • We’re offering $15 to $20 per hour depending on experience.

Email cover letter and resume to

Our unfinished bike repair area.

Oh BTW, We’re Also Hiring A Bikepacking Videographer

While we’re on the topic of hiring, I should also mention the other role we’re looking to fill.

We’re launching an interview series focused on learning from bicycle camping experts. We are looking for a bikepacking videographer who can film our monthly overnighter adventures.

The type of bikepacking videographer we’re looking for:

  • You’re not necessarily a pro but you’ve got some videography (and maybe some editing) experience.
  • You’re inspired by the opportunity to dig in and learn videography through doing. (We’re bringing on a videography pro to guide the project)
  • You hopefully have some of your own equipment. (We’ll be providing any additional equipment)
  • You love bicycle camping and would be excited to get paid to do what you love.
  • Ideally you have some Instagram experience as well. (If you do, there will be some extra work available)

Job details:

  • Once a month overnighter filming sessions in the Tucson area.
  • $200 per typical overnighter filming session.
  • $20 per hour for editing work after the filming session.

Email cover letter and resume to

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