Interested in Blogging about Bikepacking or Commuting by Bike? We're Hiring!

Are you a bikepacking aficionado with a penchant for hair raising story telling? Are you a dedicated bicycle commuter who wants to inspire others to bike to work? If you fit either of these bills, keep reading because we’re looking for two new writers to join the blogging team.

Around the start of this year, we decided to rev up this blog by bringing on four bloggers. We found four great bloggers who’ve focused in on doing a monthly post within their area of cycling focus.

Matt Maynard has handled Bicycle Touring, Carissa Sipp has focused on Family Cycling, Wesley Cheney has been our Utility Cycling guru and Emilie Bahr has covered Bike Commuting for us.

They’ve all delivered great posts in their various fields of expertise and we’ve been grateful for their efforts. Change is in the air, and its time to make some adjustments moving forward.


As Emilie explains in her latest post “Why I haven’t been riding my bike“, she’s got her hands quite full with a new born and hasn’t been able to spend as much time on the bike as she would like to drum up inspired cycling stories. So she’ll be departing her posting schedule, leaving an opportunity open for someone new to step in.

In our bicycle touring coverage, we’ve been primarily focused on traditional bicycle touring, covering topics about bicycling adventures on paved and dirt roads with bike pannier and rack setups. However, we haven’t put very much focus into the newest innovation in bicycle touring, bikepacking. To be clear, by bikepacking I mean bike touring using a mountain bike in mostly off-road conditions.

We are separating bicycle touring into road touring and bicycle touring. Matt Maynard will be continuing on in the road touring category. His international travel experience combined with hi great sense of the epic adventure of bicycle touring are perhaps even better defined by the road touring distinction.

So this means, that we are looking for an intrepid bikepacker full of great stories and awesome knowledge to join our blogging team and share their stories. Without further ado, here are some descriptions of the type of blogging we’re looking for in each category:


There are many intrepid bicycle touring bloggers, but when it comes to bikepacking the telling of tales from the trails is far less common. But here at we’ve seen massive growth in our sales of bikepacking specific bags over the last 5 years. With bikepacking specific gear and bicycles on the rise and the fun of going camping and mountain biking all combined into one, we know this trend is not going away anytime soon.

What we’d like to focus on in the Bikepacking realm:

  • Personal stories of bikepacking adventures
  • Bikepacking gear, from bags to bikes to ultralight camping setups
  • Recommended routes
  • Inspiration and guides for getting started with bikepacking
Tales of Bikepacking

Commute by Bike

This category has its roots in the blog, which we took over management of in 2011, and the bulk of our archived content is made up of over 3,000 bike commuting related posts. We’re are looking for someone to carry on this fine tradition with provocative posting about their personal experiences bike commuting and the state of bike commuting in the US.

Example of our bike commuting focus:

Are you looking for the best way to save money, improve your health, help the environment and have fun while your at it? The answer is simple. Get out your bicycle and ride it to work.

Getting Where I Need to Go

Job Details and How to Apply:

We are looking for experienced writers who are passionate about cycling and who can contribute a monthly post to the blog, focused on one of our four blog categories.

Contribution Requirements

  • Once per month deliver (on-time) a 600 to 1500 word high-quality blog post.
    • Posts will need to be input into WordPress, edited and ready to publish.
    • Posts should include 3 to 6 original photos and possibly a video.


  • $20 per hour (and upward depending upon experience)
    • In general, we’re budgeting $60 to $100 per post.
  • Employee pricing of’s cycling and outdoor gear accounts.
  • Learn our business blogging (and WordPress) best practices.
  • Develop your personal brand and send traffic back to your website.
  • Gain experience and develop connections within the bicycling industry.

Qualifications/Experience (Necessities):

  • Professional experience as a writer.
  • Examples of your writing.
  • A strong passion for cycling.
  • Substantial experience within the cycling category you are applying for.

Qualifications/Experience (Nice-to-Haves):

  • An active bicycle blog (or any blog for that matter).
  • Examples of writing within the cycling category being applied for.

How to Apply:

  • Email
  • Title your email: I’m interested in blogging for
  • Copy/paste the application questions below into the email.
    • Input 3 returns between each bulleted question.
    • Input your answer so that there is one empty line above and below.
  • Please submit your application by Nov. 15th (We will consider applications submitted through Nov. 22nd)

*** Please Note: If you submitted an application to us during our recruitment earlier this year (February, 2016) a new application is not necessary. Please simply indicate whether you are interested in the bikepacking or bike commuting categories and we will review your prior application.

Application Questions:

  • Please describe your professional writing experience.
  • Please describe your involvement with cycling. What aspects of cycling do you feel most strongly about?
  • Are you interested in blogging about Bikepacking or Bike Commuting?
  • Do you have a blog? If you do, please su
    mmarize your experiences blogging?
  • Are you familiar with how to produce and edit a blog post within WordPress?
  • What is your current employment status?
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