Cruising with Croozer at Interbike

Croozer another one of our favorites bike child trailers! Croozer makes child trailers easy to buy because it’s a 3-n-1 trailer, it comes with everything you need to got outside! It comes with a Cycling kit, jogging kit and strolling kit. What else do you need? The new Croozer click and cruise makes this even easier. Croozer has really put a lot of thought into making a trailer that easy to use in your busy life. Seriously this is huge. Check out the Video below and see the features for yourself.

[Video Transcription]

We have the new Croozer Click and Cruise Bike Child Trailers, its the first no QR system as seen here on the Jogger kit, it’s QR free, easy to attach, easy to remove. Simply Lift, audible click to install, to uninstall press the buttons on the side to release. The stroller wheel is a push button release. It’s easy to come out and click and lock back in. Croozer has adjustable tracking, you do not have to use tools to align you jogging kit. You simply twist and adjust.

We have the cycling kit, it’s lockable hitch, push button release, you lock it in, tie the safety clip around the chain stay, audible click, your locked in and push button release. You can lock the cycling kit to your bike. If the cycling kit is lock, it can still go on but it won’t come off.

We have worked with Robert Axle Project Croozer Hitches to develop axles to work with every single bike on the market right now, thru axles, axle adapters work with the push button click and Croozer platform. So whether it’s an extended length, thru axle, axle adapter, Standard axles we have the option to fit every axle. That is the Click and cruise which is feature on our Stolling kit, Cycling kit and jogging kit. They all come in the one box, so everything you need is there and the only solution is a single or a double, suspension or no suspension.

We have a Light kit here on the handlebars made by Light and Motion, It’s light and motion activated so if your cycling later in the day and your in motion in the sun and the sun is starting to set the lights will automatically turn on however if you want to go home and park your bike in the garage, it will wait 90 seconds before turn off with no motion. They have an on and off switch for each flash and for each flash will tell you how much charge it has. the lights are push button release and is sold as an accessory. It has a normal micro USB to help charge them. You can also reverse the handle bar depending on your height

The Croozer Bike Child Ski Adapter kit is a world first and it’s actually locking into a downhill binding. We wanted to make it reuse, recycle and reuse, there are alot of used skis on the market, we know alot of people buy this a s a hiking kit more than just a ski kit, so to keep the costs reasonable, is you can buy the skis separately and it works with any standard downhill ski and it’s a simple click and go. You don’t need to buy the skis up front, you can rent skis if you only go skiing once or twice a year. Anther great feature is the waist harness itself is that it wants to turn when you’re turning and uses you motion to move. Th rubber bumps absorb your motion so it doesn’t twist you harness, giving you a full twist on the bumper and with the shoulder harness it keeps the ski/hiking kit from gliding down. The ski Kits fits all models going forward as well as all product in the past.

There is also an update to the Croozer Bike infant sling as well as the harness. We have gone to a pinch and pull system so you can make adjustments very easily. This does not allow us to have a sling that fits all model going forward with suspension or without suspension, the new infant sling is easy to release and easy to tighten. These are some exciting improvements to the Croozer Child Trailers.

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