Dutch Auction Style Closeouts: 5% MORE Off the Price Every Month

To really clear out these closeouts, we’re experimenting with a new technique. We have the closeouts for our 5 departments listed on the following 5 closeout pages:

At the start of each month, every closeout will be:

increased by 5%

We will keep doing this every month until all items are cleared out.

We’re very much using the style of the Dutch Auction. We’re putting the psychological sales pressure on you. Should you buy now while the item is still in stock or wait until next month when the price drops, but risk it being sold out?

Its important to note that their will be a floor to the pricing between 50% and 75% on all products.


So what’s the story behind all of our closeouts? Perhaps due to the nature of selling online, some things just don’t sell as much through our website as do other. Aren’t closeouts generally those picked over ignored products in the back of the store?

Well, yes that sometimes happens. But for our closeouts, this is simply not the case.

Several years ago we decided to explore selling cycling products beyond our main standbys of bicycle bags and bicycle trailers. We didn’t know what you our customer base would be interested, so rather than guessing we decided to launch multiple tests. We launched new department experiments representing 12 different sub-categories of cycling products.

So what did we learn from this big experiment in online retail, you ask? Well the bottom line was unlike we had discovered with bags and trailers, there was not an under-served niche of cycling products waiting for www.CampfireCycling.com to come along and take care off. There were really no breakaway new niches.

Even without any big successes, as we got to know our new collection of products we did find some brands that we’re keepers for the long term. And as we got a sense of what these brands were, we decided our 12 experiments were spread to thinly. So we consolidated our offerings into 3 new departments, Accessories, Apparel and Components.

These three new departments are the best of the best. Its stuff that we liked that our customers wanted to buy from. But what about all of the other good stuff that we experimented with selling. Well its high time we cleared the decks of this excess. And what does that mean for you? It means a BIG CLOSEOUT SALE!

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