Learn to ride a bike: The Strider Balance Bike Review!

When you have kids, you want to pass down to them the things you love and the love of outdoors and bicycles is an easy one. Sometimes learning and teaching your kids to ride a bike can be stressful but balance bikes take away the guess work and tears. Strider makes riding a bike easy, kids build confidence and a overall positive experience with the Strider bikes! Build a lifetime of love and start your kids on a strider! I did and it’s be awesome.

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Hi I’m Matt with BikeShopHub and this is the Strider Balance Bike Review.

The one thing that I love about Strider bikes is the super lightweight design, it makes it so easy for kids to actually get on the bike and wrestle it around wherever they want to go. What makes the Balance bike so great is that it doesn’t have the crank set or pedals on the bottom of the bike so kids can learn to be balanced on a bike and build the confidence they need to get on an actual pedal bike and it’s amazing to watch the results.

Parker got a Strider when he was 2 years old and rode it around and now hes 5 years old and he’s ready for a pedal bike. One thing here is the seat adjusts, higher or lower depending on their age or if they have longer legs. It’s the same with the handlebar, you can make this bike comfortable for your kids while they are riding. Another great feature is The foot rest pads, it’s almost like grip tape back from your skateboard days. you’re able to stick your feet and be able to ride down hills and easily put their feet up and coast down the hill.

Do you remember when you were a kid? Going down hills was awesome. Anther great feature that comes to mind is the Flat free EVA tires! You will be able to go off road and if you have a mountain biker in the family and you want to be able to go off road, this will be perfect for you. I won’t flat and if it does collect thorns, you can easily brush them off.

Another key feature of the Strider is the steel frame. It will be super sturdy and its going to take a beating because you know when you have kids, the products you get will definitely take a beating. Striders only weigh 6.7 pounds. Striders rider limit is 50 pounds after that they are probably ready for a pedal bike. It has a welded steel frame and handlebar as well.

With Strider, learning to ride a bike is very easy. It’s really simple and really fun, and it takes a lot of the stress out of the process. This is Matt with www.CampfireCycling.com and this has been the Strider Balance Bike review.

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