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WEEEEEEHOOOOOOOOOO! We went to Vegas Interbike Bicycle show and boy was it amazing! If you’ve never been it’s a giant collection of bicycle manufacturers or a GIANT TOY STORE OF BICYCLES GOODIES (and Beer). Interbike is a great way for companies to preview new products to businesses and consumers.

One of our favorite companies is Weehoo and they always have great products to display. In this Video Jeff from Weehoo talks about the new 2016 Weehoo Bike Child Trailers and shows off some of the newest features of Weehoo! And checkout our sale on Weehoo Trailer going on now through May 29th, 2016.

[Video Transcription]

Weehoo iGo Blast.

Hey, Brian, Matt and Dylan! Hows it going guys! Hey all Customers of www.CampfireCycling.com!

It’s Jeff over at Weehoo and I wanted to introduce a new product by Weehoo that we are super excited about, this is called the Weehoo iGo Blast ! What we have done is, We’ve taken away the drive train and we’ve developed a trailer which is to compete with your average buggy trailer where the child age is in between 1 and 4 years of age. The child doesn’t peddle, they simply insert their feet into the foot straps and your off to the races! This is slightly more stripped down, in terms of no storage, just a cover on the wheel and a slightly shorter frame. This makes the trailer 19 lbs! Which we are super excited about. It’s the lightest Weehoo out there! When you’re going from 27lbs with the Turbo to 19lbs on the iGo Blast it really makes a difference for a less experienced cyclist who is concerned about pulling a lot of weight, it makes the trailer manageable and fun to use. The shorter frame makes in slightly more nimble. The price point is really exciting at $199.99 ans what we are offering is a great trailer at a great price.

We are going to talk about the Weehoo Cargo Trailer, at weehoo we’ve really dominated the single wheel market for hauling children, so we thought the next product would be cargo hauling trailer. We took the same platform at the iGo Blast and its a 15lbs cargo trailer! We’ve got a platform that can be removed and you can purchase multiple platforms for multiple purposes. Basically you could drill down and put on a doggy carriage, you could put on a tote or just use it with the Cargo net.

Most Cargo Trailers are attached to the axle, we use our patented seatpost hitch which is super easy to take on and off and we use this to clear more bike tire. This system allows you to go on more paths and do more riding. The Cargo trailer uses the 20″ tire to help you roll over more bumps. This is truly an off-road trailer. You don’t need to be limited to hauling around the street. You can take it on the single track like the other Weehoo iGos. The Cargo Trailer is nimble and gives you that feeling out on the ride like with all weehoo products. So again, super light weight, 15 lbs, holds up to 80lbs and extremely module. You’re going to have allot of fun tricking this out and doing what you want to do with it. and another great price point at $199.99.

The number 1 question for Weehoo customers is “What about a kickstand?” What we have done is developed a kickstand that sits on the square tube and this is one of the reasons we switch to the square tube frame. This is a prototype and the legs will be slightly wider on the production model and it will swing up once you ride off which I’m super excited about. The Weehoo iGo Kickstand works on all 2015+ weehoo models.

This is the Weehoo All Weather Cover, we replaced the previous all weather canopy with this module one as well. This bolts to the rear seat and what you have is the rain cover and you can take it off for when your riding in the sun and wrap it up inside your rear pannier and this is a great sun-shield and if your stuck in a rain storm you can quickly attach the rain cover to the trailer in under a minute and get your child in and out of the cold weather and they are protected up to their feet and your off again. This retail for about $99.99 at www.CampfireCycling.com and you can add this to any 2015+ Weehoo model trailer.

1 more thing I’d like to show you is, we retried the Venture this year and what we are doing this year is selling a cargo rack accessory to replace the venture trailer. If you looking to haul 40ltrs you can purchase this for $99.99 and it basically doubles your storage capacity. The Weehoo Venture Rack and Pannier Cargo Rack works on all 2015+ Weehoos, you could put it on a iGo blast, iGo Two, a iGo Turbo and the cargo Trailer.

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