Which Direction Are Bicycles Trending?

When I launched www.CampfireCycling.com in 2006, I had great timing. While the economy was about to head off a cliff, I somehow got myself into a nice little area of opportunity that was very likely buoyed by the residual impacts of our collective economic shit-storm.

It was very exciting how excited everyone was about using bicycles for more than just fun. It felt as if we were on to something fresh and new, discovering that people in North America were interested in bicycles as something other than toys and racing machines.

But alas, that excitement has begun to fade some it would seem. And if I’m wrong about this, somebody please tell me.

So what now? Oh yeah, bikepacking is what now. Seriously, bikepacking is it right now if you haven’t heard.

So how long will this trend last? Is bikepacking not the be-all and end-all of life on bicycles?

I am sure that whatever comes along next will in its moment be just as if not more exciting than using our bikes and then bikepacking with them has been. But at the same time I would appreciate some stability and focus. Some Dutch infrastructure and mind-set would certainly help with that.

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