DIY Trailers and Cargo Powerhouses – A Reader Round-Up

Here at Commute by Bike and our sister site,, we get a lot of happy folks who are very excited to share how they use their bikes for tours, commutes, and all other fun adventures. Today, we’ve got a round-up of some of the creative and epic uses of some great gear.

DIY Trailers

Lots of our readers are crafty and choose to design and build the trailer that works perfectly for their commuting and touring needs. We love learning about their ingenuity and seeing the solutions they create!

Trevor designed a compact trailer that folds up and fits into a large shoulder bag for easy transport. The bag then becomes the cargo carrying mechanism when the trailer is in use. This little gem has great potential for multi-modal commuting using public transportation.

Here are some photos of Trevor’s trailer:DIY trailer

The trailer folded
The trailer folded
Trailer and cargo bag - ready to go
Trailer and cargo bag – ready to go


Our reader pal Robert created a snazzy red cargo trailer to go with his cruiser. It looks like he can head down to the beach with his rig and sell some ice cream out of the back of his trailer!

Bike-trailer-6 Bike-trailer-4

Carrying Precious Cargo

We love seeing kids and dogs on trailers and these next submissions exemplify how versatile cargo bikes and cargo trailers can be.

Jamie loves all the ways she can use her Surly Big Dummy decked out with lots of Xtracycle parts. She’s got the Snap Deck on top to carry her son (who loves riding the bike), the SideCar, Running Boards for extra stability on the side, plus of course the FreeLoader Saddlebags to carry all the gear on the sides of the bike. Jamie has made AMAZING use of her bike, and as any family with kids knows, there is always plenty of gear to carry when commuting with a family!


Big Dummy with Xtracycle kit towing a bike
Big Dummy with Xtracycle kit towing a bike
Kiddo, groceries, toys, oh my!
Looks like a successful trip to the grocery store!
Haulin' toys
Haulin’ toys


And finally, in the carry your four-legged friend category…

Bob purchased his Burley Nomad trailer for camping on overnight bike rides, but the maiden voyage was with his sister’s dog, Cali. They strapped her into the Burley and took her on a 10 mile trek on nearby bike trails. She seemed to love it, and people along the way thought it was real cute. One young girl shouted, “We need to get one of those!”

Dog in Burley Nomad Trailer
Cali cruising in the Burley Nomad

Mikhail from Russia took advantage of some lovely weather to try out his Burley Tail Wagon to take his pup out for a nice ride. Looks like both dog and rider had a great time!

Dog in Burley Tail Wagon trailer
Riding with the Burley Tail Wagon


Our thanks to all the folks who have submitted photos of their trailers in use. If you’d like to send us some pictures of you and your favorite commuting set up, send photos and stories to


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