I Don’t Want to Share My Road With You

The other day, I stumbled across a tweet and reply that made me question the ubiquitous bicycle friendly term “Share the Road“.

I decided to jump in on the fun by trying to come up with a new and improved version of this pithy but now under-mined slogan.  Nothing of any real merit sprang to mind.  As I gave it some thought, I began to realize how difficult it is to come up with a short slogan that really sticks.

But I did come up with a few different ways to interpret the saying.

Literal: Bicyclists may use full lane
Buddhist: Bicycles are traffic
Taoist: The road is just there
Zen Buddhist: Time and space are an illusion
New Yorker: Get out of my way
Late 90s: Bicyclists have feelings too
Confused: Its not my road soooo I guess I can’t share it with you

Perhaps I am wrong, but replacing or doing away with the term “Share the Road” does not seem like effort well spent in Maximum Impact Bicycle Advocacy.  It is a problematic slogan, but it is what we’ve got.


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