Hard working trailers, panniers, and racks

Colin sent us these photos of how he’s been utilizing his bike for a pretty awesome array of activities. He packed up his MIG welder and gas tank onto his BOB Trailer, which makes for a pretty bad-ass looking commuting rig.

Welding by Bike
Next, he loaded up a folding table, chairs, and all the necessary tabling supplies for a BICAS event into an old cargo trailer. Look closely and you’ll also see Colin’s four legged pal along for the ride hanging out in his rear pannier.
Table event by bike
Finally, Colin loaded a big grocery run, complete with a giant bag of dog food, into a couple bikes loaded with panniers. He’s using the Tubus rack with his panniers and it looks like its sturdy design is handling the load quite nicely!
Grocery by bike
Thanks Colin for sending us these examples of how trailers, bags, and racks can help you do everything by bike! 

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