60 Minutes

I’m sure that our loyal readers have noticed some decline in the regularity of our posting here at CommuteByBike.com after the departure of Ted Johnson, our ponderous and insightful editor and marketing expert here at www.CampfireCycling.com.  In his wake we’ve been working to come up with a new strategy for maintaining and growing this blog.  Bigger things are definitely in the works, but in the meantime, we are continuing to plod forward at a somewhat reduced pace.  The increased efforts by Melanie Colavito, Stacey Moses, Melanie Lipton and our team of product reviewers have all been greatly appreciated while we realign our efforts.

Affixing a www.CampfireCycling.com Sticker to my Yepp Child Seat w/Brian Photo Bomb

As the CEO of www.CampfireCycling.com, I am kind of a busy guy.  To keep everything moving forward in a positive direction, I have had to learn the discipline to not over extend myself into too many directions.   Blogging was one of the things that was chopped from my diet.  That all said, I have found several justifications to recommit myself.

I don’t need to recite the whole list, but the most important reason is that I am surrounded all day and everyday by gear, customers, employees and marketing strategies that all have a strong relevancy to bike commuting.  Spending a little bit of time sharing my thoughts and experiences seems like it should come naturally.  Right?

The Campfire Cycling sign that is currently stowed in our Conference Room

I hope that I can churn up something of value.  I’ve decided to slice off 1 hour a week to post whatever thoughts, experiences and revelations I can muster up about commuting by bike.  60 minutes is not very much time to write, edit, crosslink and add photos to blog post, so I cannot promise anything spectacular.  And if my voice falls flat, I don’t know how long I’ll be able to sustain my gasping blog entries.  But if my voice rings true, I hope to refind my blogging voice and do my part to rebuild the foundations of our blogging efforts.

Our 1st Encounter with the New Surly ECR Touring Monster Bike

I’m not sure what the results of a one hour blog session looks like (this is the first example), but what I expect to be covering are as follows:

  • Reports on interesting bike commuting gear that we see rolling into www.CampfireCycling.com
  • Pondering on current hot topics relevant to bike advocacy
  • Pondering on running and trying to figure out how to expand a bike focused ecommerce business
  • Reflections from bike commuting in Tucson
  • Photos from around the shop, my bike commute and family bike rides and anything else that catches my eye
  • Quick reviews of the bike commuting gear that I am currently using
  • Noises, disjointed sentence, funny sounding words and anything I can come up with when I am not so inspired in my 1 hour effort

Thanks for hearing me out on my pledge.  I hope I can deliver something of value here in my 60 minute bursts.  And thank you to all of our loyal readers who have been the energy and inspiration that keeps us going.  Your plentiful and insightful comments are truly the lifeblood of this blog.

5:30 AM this morning, a brisk walk to wake up and get at it




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