The Copenhagen Wheel is Here

Way back when, in 2009, I wrote about a new product that had recently been unveiled at the Copenhagen Climate Conference called the Copenhagen Wheel. The product, designed by a team at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was being promoted as one of many solutions to mitigate the impacts of climate change – through cycling, of course.Fast forward 4 years to the present, and the Copenhagen Wheel is finally making its “official” debut and product release. The product idea is still the same, an electric assist wheel that can be added to any bike, but it’s gotten a number of neat upgrades in the last few years, including some neat apps that sync with your smartphone. We can’t have technology these days that doesn’t involve a smartphone in some way.Anyhow, check out more in the video below or visit the official website of the Copenhagen Wheel at Superpedestrian.What do you think of the Copenhagen Wheel? Is this a viable climate change mitigation tool?Via TreeHugger & BikeHugger. Image credit – Superpedestrian.

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