Biking & Walking to School in Portland

In Portland, OR, biking and walking are fun and ordinary ways for kids and parents to get to and from schools. Streetfilms recently did a feature on biking and walking to school in Portland, and it’s pretty darn impressive to see so many smiling happy kids (and parents) locking up bikes and getting ready for the day. For those who already commute by bike, you too know how much better it can make your day to ride or walk. So imagine growing up in an environment where biking and walking just are, well, just normal. Portland has done a lot to make this a reality, and it’s pretty cool to see it paying off. Learn more about what they’ve done in the video below. What does your city do to either encourage, or even discourage, walking or biking to school?In Portland Every Day is Walk & Bike to School Day! from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

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