Full Circle: Carbon Fiber Penny Farthing Concept Bike

I must admit, this video made me burst out laughing! The question posed in the opening scene, “What would the first pedal cycle have looked like if its inventors had had today’s advanced materials to work with?” is utterly ridiculous. But I supposed it sets up what follows appropriately. The video is all about a concept e-bike that is made almost entirely of plastics and looks like a penny farthing. The bike actually looks to have some pretty cool features like a watch to lock it up with, a removable seat where the battery is housed, integrated lights, and more. Plus, the story line for the video is extremely entertaining. Anyhow, take two minutes to learn about the Concept 1865 bike from BASF, if not for the humor, then at least for the concept. Via Cyclelicio.us.

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