Cycling Keeps Jim in Shape!

BOB in tow:

Out riding my bicycle yesterday 80 miles.   Staying in shape for the finishing of my cross America bicycle trip which is restarting Sept 17 from Rapid City SD to Key West Florida.

Over the last couple of weeks been debating whether to cycle across all of China or all of Canada next summer.

I’ve already pedaled from the southern Canadian border to the Arctic Ocean last summer.   That was the most challenging trip I ever took.   You can see the pictures from that trip in some of the very early postings on this blog.   Peddling from Seattle to Rapid City was almost just as challenging because the passes in the mountains were much steeper and longer for the most part.   But in this area there is lots of hotels. In the Arctic one can go for 300 miles along a rode without finding civilization.   I did it.

Riding a bicycle to Key West from South Dakota is very easy compared to the first part of this trip. Having the most difficult part behind me now will bring mostly rolling hills with the odd small steep one.   I have done this portion previously when I pedaled to Winnipeg from Florida.

Feeling motivated?   Because BOB‘s are currently on sale.   And checkout Jim’s blog for further motivation.

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