More on Riding with Rail Tracks

It seems that the City of Tucson really got in the spirit of last week’s post about Riding with Rail Tracks. That, or you know, the timing was good. But anyhow, Tucson Velo shared a video this week put out by the City of Tucson about how to navigate the new streetcar lines. The video has tips for all traffic users, but notably, a great deal of emphasis is given to cyclists.I think the video has some great tips, but I think it glosses over some of the challenges faced by cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists alike when navigating the streetcar tracks in addition to dealing with regular traffic. The narrator makes it seem like everything is just peachy, but really, it does take a fair bit of practice to get comfortable with the streetcar tracks from numerous perspectives. I would also add, that for a PSA, it’s quite long. I would doubt that very many people would watch the video in its entirety. What do you think? Is this an effective way to teach people how to navigate the roads with the new streetcar?

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