Riding with Rail Tracks

I was looking through some of the recent Streetfilms Shorties, when I found this recent video “Cyclists vs. Rails in Zurich“. What is most notable about this video is the way cyclists in Zurich navigate a very extensive system of rail lines laid into the roads. In fact, as the video notes, there are very few crashes or issues with cyclists and the rail lines.Coming from Tucson, AZ, I found this very interesting. Tucson is in the process of building a modern streetcar, and there have already been numerous incidents between cyclists and the rail lines. And the streetcar isn’t even running yet! The first one shipped earlier this week. I’m not sure what it is exactly that contributes to the copacetic vibe between cyclists and the streetcar in Zurich, but hopefully this can also become the case in Tucson.I’ll leave this with the number one tip for riding streetcar tracks: always hit the tracks with your wheel as perpendicularly as possible! And happy rail crossing!Streetfilms Shortie – Bicyclists vs Rails in Zurich, Switzerland from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

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