Bike Lane Experiences

This shortie from Streetfilms came out in the spring, but I felt it was appropriate to post it now. I recently moved from one Bicycle Friendly City to another, and it has been interesting to compare my experiences bike commuting in the two cities. I came from Tucson, AZ, which is a gold level city (and a big city) and am now living in Flagstaff, AZ, which is a silver level city (and a smallish city). In fact, I did the reverse move of the folks at Campfire Cycling and Commute by Bike – you can read some of Commute by Bike’s experiences in Tucson here.Anyhow, Tucson, although it sometime requires long commutes and excessive sweating, is one of the best cities I’ve had the pleasure of riding in, be it for utility or sport. I was definitely spoiled by all of the bike lanes and infrastructure there. Flagstaff is also a great town for many types of riding, but in comparison to Tucson, I find myself missing the miles and miles of connected bike lanes I had grown accustomed to. That being said, the weather couldn’t be better in Flagstaff (for now), there has been tons of great work done on the Flagstaff Urban Trails System in recent years, and the bike infrastructure just keeps coming!So in the spirit of Flagstaff bike commuting, check out the video below, in which Flagstaff makes a brief appearance! Now, if only I can learn to adjust to the cold like I was adjusted to the heat… Complete Streets: It’s About More Than Just Bike Lanes from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

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