A Bike Bag that Looks like a Coffee Bag – from Detours

The Detours Coffee Bag is modeled after a one-pound, er… coffee bag.

You know the kind of bag you get at the grocery store where you dump the beans from the bulk bin into the bag, but you spill some on the floor. Then you dump the beans into your grocery store’s coffee grinder, which doesn’t quite work, so you end up getting more beans on the floor, and maybe you spill some ground coffee on the floor too. Then you slink away, and maybe tell a store employee there’s a mess over on aisle 12. Maybe you don’t.

Detours Coffee Bag
Photo: Detours

So this bag reminds me of my own incompetence with bulk coffee and self-serve coffee grinders, but it’s a clever idea.

If you’ve read some of my posts featuring the Montague Boston 8, you may have seen this bag mounted to the top tube of the bike — where I also mounted my leaky commuter coffee mug.

Detours Coffee Bag
Bike is upside down. Contents: Spare tubes I should have installed sooner

I ended up using it as an ad-hoc pocket — kept empty most of the time. But then something would come up and I needed just a bit of extra space. It was perfect for that. The volume is 100 cubic inches,  1.64 liters, or two bottles of Mexican Coke.

Detours Coffee Bag and Mexican Coke
With room to spare.

Yes, it may seem gimmicky, but it is very tough and waterproof — and useful if you can just find a spot on the bike where you can put it.

Detours Coffee Bag - MaineIt’s a handlebar bag (if you have a long enough stem). It’s a saddle bag (if you have a long enough seat post).

It comes in five different styles, each themed to a US state.

  • The Evergreen Blend: for Washington.
  • The Mile High Blend: for Colorado.
  • The Highway 1 Blend: for California.
  • The 10,000 Lakes Blend: for Minnesota.
  • The Lighthouse Blend: for Maine.

The Coffee Bag sells for $24 from Detours.

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