Simon's Heavy-Duty Trailer Build

Check out Simon’s child trailer. No, he doesn’t put children in it. We’ll let him explain:

This trailer started as a two-child trailer, but it was too large, too high and the fabric floor was just not practical for cargo hauling. So I took it apart and built a new trailer around a sturdy plastic box. I cut the frame supporting the wheels, then inserted reinforcement aluminum rods inside and bolted everything directly onto the box. I then bolted frame parts on the sides to wedge the wheels, assembled and bolted the original trailer attachment back on. There’s also a skateboard wheel in the back so I can store the trailer upright. The attachment was just short enough to fit inside the box for storage. The front gray support is for an optional cooler and there is also a plastic sheet that unrolls to protect the front load from dust and water. There is also light plywood inside the box to help distribute the load weight more evenly. It is pretty sturdy, lightweight and rides low to reduce the wind drag (a cyclist’s worst enemy!)

Looks legit. Think you can beat it? Submit your own photos!

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