2013 Chariots On Sale – Yes, the new Chariots!

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Reduced Prices on 2013 Model Chariot Trailers

Our first ever sale on Chariot‘s newest models of Bike Child Carriers.

Chariot Cheetah1 Bike Child Trailer

Chariot Cheetah1 Bike Child TrailerNow includes a Strolling Kit. The cross-country carrier with a lightweight, aluminum frame makes it a breeze to push or pull.$381.99 $349.99

Chariot Cheetah2 Bike Child Trailer

Chariot Cheetah2 Bike Child TrailerNow includes the Strolling Kit.The same adventurous trailer as the Cheetah1, but for two children.$426.99 $399.99

Chariot Chinook 1 Bike Child Trailer

Chariot Chinook 1 Bike Child TrailerChariot’s single seat sporting and all-terrain child trailer designed for urban parents. Loaded with all the features.$854.99 $799.99

Chariot Chinook 2 Bike Child Trailer

Chariot Chinook 2 Bike Child TrailerLike the Chinook 1, but for two children$1056.99 $1006.99

Chariot Corsaire1 Bike Child Trailer

Chariot Corsaire1 Bike Child TrailerChariot’s tallest child carrier, for a child who may be too large for other carriers or just wants a little more elbow and head room.$606.99 $569.99

Chariot Corsaire2 Bike Child Trailer

Chariot Corsaire2 Bike Child TrailerThe two-child version of the Corsaire1.$696.99 $659.99

Chariot Cougar1 Bike Child Trailer

Chariot Cougar1 Bike Child TrailerNow includes the Strolling Kit. A smooth ride and a solid mix of features that make it Chariot’s most popular carrier.$525.99 $499.99

Chariot Cougar2 Bike Child Trailer

Chariot Cougar2 Bike Child TrailerNow includes the Strolling Kit. Chariot’s other most populare carrier, but for two children.$615.99 $579.99

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Chariot Clearance Models

And, yes, we still have pre-2013 Chariot Child Trailers at clearance prices.

Chariot CX1

Thule in Front

With the Pack ‘n Pedal line of cycling accessories, Thule’s reputation for innovation now extends to bike racks and bike bags

Thule Pack n Pedal Full Bike

Thule Handlebar Mount

Thule Handlebar MountThule’s innovative system has attachment points for Thule’s Pack ‘n Pedal handlebar-mounted accessories.$48.99

Thule Handlebar Bag

Thule Handlebar BagKeeps your camera or snacks within easy reach. Shoulder strap included to carry this bag off the bike. Crush-proof main compartment.$98.99

Thule iPad/Map Sleeve

Thule iPad/Map SleeveUse your iPad or or any 10-inch tablet as your navigator, mounted right on your handlebars. Watch movies from your indoor trainer.$48.99

Thule Wallet

Thule WalletAn organizer for, bike GPS units, smartphones, keys or small items you want to keep an eye on while riding.$48.99

Thule in Back

Thule in Back

Thule’s racks and panniers are just as innovative. Some models can be used on either the front forks or the rear chain stays.

Thule Sport Rack

Thule Sport RackA sporty rack for top loads. No eyelets or adapters required. Mounts to a front fork or rear seat stays. Use with Rack-Top Bags and Rack Packs.$88.99

Thule Tour Rack

Thule Tour RackWorks on nearly any bike. No eyelets or adapters required. For full suspension mountain bikes, carbon road bikes and more.$98.99

Thule Tote

Thule ToteLike those re-usable totes, but it’s also a pannier. The comfortable handles and shoulder strap transform it back into a carry bag.$78.99

Thule Commuter Pannier

Thule Commuter PannierCommuter panniers that fit nearly any bike rack. Carry it by the handle, or like a messenger bag.$118.99

Thule Large Adventure Touring Pannier

Thule Large Adventure Touring PannierA lightweight, durable and waterproof touring pannier, ideal for rear mounting. Mounts on virtually any bike rack.$118.99

Thule Seat Bag

Thule Seat BagLike a saddle bag, but it has more in common with a tool roll. Keep your emergency tools organized.$19.49

More Ongoing Sales & Products

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