Angelo & Roberto's Music by Bike Mission

Angelo and Roberto are the brothers who make up the band Rotage, and they’re taking their musical act on the road. But not in the traditional sense:

In December of 2012, while discussing our own childhood and [lifelong] journey, we began to realize how fortunate we have been. Our reflection led us to see a stark contrast between ourselves and children less fortunate. How much talent and promise was there in this country, and how many of these children through no fault of their own do not have an opportunity to thrive and realize those talents? The idea was then born to use our music to help.After much research we settled on Save The Children as a deserving charity which works hard to help the children of this country and the world. In the process, we wanted to further challenge ourselves and mapped out a course in which we would bicycle with our instruments from Wilmington, North Carolina to New York City (730 miles) performing in various cities and towns along the way to raise awareness and donations. We will be traveling without a backup vehicle, hauling our own equipment and supplies via bicycle trailer

The brothers, originally from Italy, fashioned the trailers themselves.

We bought aluminum square tubing, 1/4″ plywood and built the trailers per our own specs. We needed to carry the piano, speakers, guitar etc. so we made the trailers to fit our needs. The wheels are 24″. They will be carrying a weight of around 100 lbs each. The covers are removable fastened tarps. Hopefully they’ll last.

Don’t feel like building a customized trailer from scratch for your specific hauling needs? Check out these flatbeds with large carrying capacities and go from there. Get inspiration from Anne Marie’s massage by bike or Doug’s bakery by bike builds. In the meantime, best of luck to Angelo and Roberto. Read more or contribute to their journey here

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