Rick's Ortlieb-Assisted Epic Tour

Rick, of feather plumage fame, has updated photos of his journey bike touring (a portion of) “America the Beautiful.”

Cut it down to 9000 miles, the track from April to November was (roughly):

Portland, Oregon – Death Valley – Mount Rushmore – Central Texas – St. Augustine, Florida – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – New Orleans.

My girlfriend, Stephanie, joined me on the last section on the Natchez Trace and down to New Orleans.   A few of which our stories were published in Country Roads Magazine.   Of course, there are dozens more.   The Ortleib Bike Packer Plus bags (Rick obviously prefers Classic Yellow) kept my gear dry and easy to access for the entire trip.   You guys are great–good gear, great prices, excellent service.

Check out Rick’s previous NorCal Tour, and while you’re at it, our awesome line of the always popular Ortlieb products for touring and commuting.

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