Eric's Beer & Eggs-Toting Beast

Says Eric of his grocery and gear-hauling trailer:

I modified a Frugah trailer by adding supports to either side of the fork at the front of the trailer to stop the twisting that caused the hinged side braces to snap off of the top frame. I chopped off the suspension at the rear wheel and modified it to accept a 26″ wheel, and used rod as attachment points for MTM Spud 2 dry boxes that are watertight, lockable, protect gear from impact, and add 1/3 more cargo space. I welded tabs to the underside of the trailer to receive a kick stand and casters, so that I may attach a pull bar and use as a shopping cart in the grocery store. The larger wheel rolls over and through everything more smoothly than the 16″ tire, the axle is above the center of gravity rendering the load ballast, and the large wheel has a greater gyroscopic effect that damps side to side motion. Works well and I even have an orange tire on order! I may add orange dry bag panniers to the trailer fork on both sides of my rear wheel in the future.

Similar: Big Wheel BOBWe also sell grocery and errand-specific panniers if you don’t want to put in the effort to build your own shopping cart.

Larger 26″ wheel

Smaller 16″ wheel


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