Doug's Travoy Purchase

Says Doug of his recent trailer purchase:
I love the Burley Travoy. I wish it had a little heavier weight capacity although I realize there was an aim at keeping it light.
I chose it over other models and styles primarily because it hitches to the bike directly behind rather than off the axle, since I’m using an electric bike which already has a loaded axle. I purchased the rack mount hitch fortunately.
It just barely fits on the extra wide rack on my eZip bike using only two screws (which are adequate to keep it mounted just fine). I was surprised to have the hitch borrow a part from the under the seat hitch, modifying it instead of replacing it. It seemed a worthwhile idea to use the standard hitch on another bike (but that is no longer needed by me).
An additional future feature might be a quantity of multiple bungee take off points in addition to the limited strap mount points.
It folds up very nicely and does fit back in the bag for carry along (howbeit the bag opening is a bit small when working it back in). Folded, it’s light and small enough that I could carry it with me on the bike if desired without pulling it along when not needing to have it hitched.
I get comments as I pass by pedestrians along “The Blvd” here in Lancaster, California, such as “Nice rig” etc. I think it’s a very innovative trailer design that most of them have never seen before. They see plenty of the small child trailers and that’s about it. I attach variously an 18″ x 24″ sign or a one line multi-color LED sign to promote our nonprofit and ride up and down the boulevard, both in traffic (15mph speed limit there) and along the less crowded areas of sidewalk. I may also use it in the future to pack a folding table, banner and various supplies to carry across town to various locations to setup promotional tables, etc.
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The Burley Travoy
Travoy in action
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