Bill's "Carpool" & Cargo Bike Trailer Build

Is one of your New Years resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle, bike more, be more “green” or even spend more time tinkering around with your new tools in the garage? …or old tools that look new because you never use them…Bill accomplished all these in 2012:

I built up a semi-custom trailer off of a Nashbar kid trailer for hauling my kids to and from school, and for hauling cargo. Welding was with my little wire feed unit using 1/2 inch square tube, and the wooden slats are cut from a cedar 4×4. I now have hitch mounts on 3 of our household bicycles. The trailer has worked out really well so far; though I suppose I often push the weight limit. I basically use it like an SUV. I was able to pick up the kids all of last year with the mild notheast winter, and I leave the trailer locked at the train station each day while I commute on the train / bike to Philadelphia. I am currently working on a wooden and acrylic weather shell that should look like an old camper to protect the kids this winter. Next up, a home made Bakfiet using the front end of a junk Chinese scooter!

Let’s hope Bill’s kids don’t outgrow his awesome bike builds too quickly.Not feeling so “Tim Taylor?” Chariot and Burley child bike trailers are 10 – 35% off at BikeKidShop. Also checkout trailer-cycles as an alternative. 

First load – only the essentials!
Hauling the patio set – I’m assuming so there’s somewhere to set the Coors down.

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