The Economics of a Cycling Event in Tucson

This video provides an interesting overview of the El Tour de Tucson, which is an annual charity bike ride that draws thousands of cyclists to the city of Tucson each year. In addition to raising money for its many beneficiaries, El Tour also provides a major positive economic impact to Tucson, which is documented in this video by JT Peterson, a University of Arizona journalism student. Indeed, cycling can have a lot of positive economic impacts, as another video on bicycle tourism by The Path Less Pedaled demonstrates. Streetsblog and others have written about the positive impact of cyclists on local business, as well. Large charity bike rides like El Tour can also have positive impacts on the culture and attitudes of a community towards cycling. This video captures a lot of that, and it is well worth a watch. Even though many of El Tour’s participants are what might be characterized as sport or recreational cyclists, the potential impacts of events like this have positive implications for utility cyclists and all cyclists alike. And as Andy Clarke notes, and we wholeheartedly agree, all “types” of cyclists should all work together anyhow. Enjoy! 

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