Yet Another Holiday Gift Guide for Bike Commuters – 2012

I know, I already did a 2012 Holiday Gift Guide. Why do another one?

Because I forgot some things, that’s why. Also because some readers made some good suggestions after reading the first one. And also because a few products we’ve reviewed in the past year deserve another look.


Bike Saviours Getting Butts on Bikes Calendar

I have not seen this calendar, but Bike Saviours has assured me that it’s not too porny. According to Heather Hoch, it’s “more PG13 sassy and less R sexual. I think it’s sexy but not really offensive in any way, unless you don’t like butts, but who doesn’t like butts?” Bike Saviours is a nonprofit education center that teaches bike maintenance and repair, safe riding, cycling laws, “and other esoteric bicycle knowledge.”


HubBub Helmet Mirror

HubBub Helmet MirrorI have two of these because I have two helmets. I guess I’ve been using them for about a year now. If I stuff a helmet into a backpack, or throw it onto a shelf, this mirror stays adjusted. The metal arm and brackets are made from high-strength bicycle spokes.
$29.00 T-Shirt T-ShirtHow did I leave this out of my first gift guide? We’re kind of running low — a few smalls and mediums left. I have no idea when we’ll order some new ones. Get one of the last ones for the small and medium people on your gift list. That’s Megan, a small person, who used to work with me, but now she mommy blogs from Texas.


Cue Clip Map and Cue Sheet Holder

Cue Clip Map and Cue Sheet HolderCue sheet? I don’t even know what that is, much less why you’d need a clip to hold one. Okay, I do have some idea what a cue sheet is, it’s just not a bike commuter thing. I’ve never used one, but a reader named Kelly suggested this is a great stocking stuffer for a bike tourist. “I just print out a map or cue sheet, clip it to my bars, and away I go. In questionable weather, I put my map or directions in a zip-lock bag first.” (Update: Kelly set me straight and let me know this is a commuter thing, if I can think outside of the tech box.)


Timbuk2 Tandem Commuter Pannier

Timbuk2 Tandem Commuter PannierThese saddlebag panniers “magically transform into a single shoulder bag,” according to Timbuk2. “Thanks to built-in magnets, all traces of pannier-ness disappear, when two halves become one.” Wait. I thought they said it was magic. Is it magic or magnets? Make up your mind. These panniers, which have a pocket for a 15-inch laptop, were recommended by reader Sally Hunt, who said, “I use it everyday on my commute to work. It's held up well through two winters.”


Revelate Designs Tangle Frame Pack

Revelate Designs Tangle Frame PackThere’s a stupid joke coming up, and you’ll need to remember the name “Revelate Designs” in order to get it. Anyway, this rectangular frame bag is great for people who want to carry a bunch of stuff, but don’t want any racks on their bikes. BluesCat liked it. This frame bag is designed to fit a variety of bike frames. But if your giftee has a Salsa or Surly brand bike, Revelate Designs also makes frame bags to specific bike models.


Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie

Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road BikePete Prebus gave this bike a positive review not too long ago — and then proceeded to commit hipster sacrilege by putting an e-bike conversion kit on it. If you are looking to give a bike as a gift, you could do a whole lot worse than this fixie. For example: you could by any bike at all from a box store.
$169.25 – $224.99


Breezer Uptown Infinity Bike (2012 model)

Breezer Uptown Infinity Bike Low Step 2012- Nuvinci Seamless Shifting - Commuter Bike StoreRemember this? I do. I partially destroyed one of these more than a year ago on a test ride. I still feel bad about that. This bike is not for the faddist. It comes standard with fenders, a dynamo hub, integrated  Busch & Müller Lights, a full chain guard — plus that NuVinci N360 rear hub which has an infinite number of gears. Oh my god! It’s the Anti-Fixie as foretold in The Book of Revelate Designs!
Regular Price: $1,220.00 Special Price: $925.00



ExOfficio Give-N-Go BriefIt gives me a childhood PTSD flashback, and some degree of guilt just putting this here. Nobody wants underwear for Christmas. But if that’s what you want to give, BluesCat had some great recommendations on buying underwear for a cyclist. Mom, if you are reading this, I’m doing fine in the skivvy department. Move on.


BionX PL 350HT Electric Bike Conversion Kit

BionX PL 350HT Electric Bike Conversion KitYou don’t want to give this to someone unless (a) you already know they want to convert their bike to an e-bike, or (b) you are also giving them a bike to receive the operation. If either of these apply, this is the premium system to get. I wrote about the  ease of installation, and the natural ride. Yesterday I was talking to someone about BionX, and I realized I was gushing. It was embarrassing.
From $1498.99


Career Courier Career Courier: James Adamson, Kenton Hoppas: Movies & TVI really liked this documentary about bike messengers. You may just see a bunch of scofflaws living a particularly irresponsible dream and getting paid for it.   I, on the other hand, got all philosophical. Buy a messenger bag as a gift, and stuff this DVD inside of it.


Burley MyKick Balance Bike

Burley MyKick Balance BikeIndoctrinate the youth early. Burley just started making high quality balance bikes, also called running bikes, also called Screw you, tricycles and training wheels. Balance bikes teach kids how to balance on two wheels right from the start. Give this to a kid, and you save a parent from having to chase after the kid in a few years, huffing and puffing as they prop up a kid who has been dependent on training wheels.


Yepp Maxi Bike Child Seat

Yepp Maxi Bike Child SeatSeriously, most child rear seats meet safety standards while still being low quality. The Yepp Maxi, on the other hand, has the dual cred of Dutch design and German safety standards. Yet it deigns to fit 95 percent of American bikes. Designed to carry children from 2.5 to 6 years old — up to 48 lbs, in case the six-year-old you have in mind is a little blubbernaught. (Get that kid on a bike.)


Vaude Tool Stick

Vaude Tool StickMy boss, Josh Lipton, bought, like, a billion of these. It goes great with clip-on tail lights, such as the CygoLite Hotshot, the Planet Bike Superflash Turbo, the Busch and Muller Relite D, or the Light and Motion Vis 180 Micro.
$18.99 Currently on Sale for $15.99

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