Combining Transit & Cycling in Vancouver

Combining transit with cycling is an effective way to encourage more people to ride bikes and generally encourage people to leave the car at home more often. With a combination of options, it’s easier to feel comfortable leaving home without the car. If you want to arrive at work clean and dry, you can take your bike on transit on the way to work, and then ride home at the end of the day when you aren’t worried about sweating, etc. as one user of Vancouver’s Translink system notes. Streetfilms recently documented the ways in which Vancouver is encouraging and mixing walking/ cycling with transit networks by combining and linking different types of routes and infrastructure. Indeed, Vancouver has been getting a lot of attention for it’s bicycling improvements, as of late, and it also happens to be considered one of the most “livable” cities! Perfect Match: Metro Vancouver Melds Bikes and Transit from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

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